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August 23rd, 2014
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List of the albums from Denis own collection

The last 20 albums entered are:

1. Nightfall 'Astron Black And the Thirty Tyrants' 2. Van Canto 'Dawn of the Brave' 3. Leviathan 'Beholden to Nothing, Braver Since Then' 4. Altair 'Lost Eden' 5. Axxis 'Kingdom of the Night II' 6. Black Hawk 'A Mighty Metal Axe' 7. Sage's Recital 'Sage's Recital' 8. Javelin 'Fragments of the Inner Shadow' 9. Xinr 'Beyond Woodward' 10. Vanlade 'Iron Age' 11. Shadowkiller 'Slaves of Egypt' 12. Restless Breed 'No Walls Can Hold: The Demo Anthology' 13. Sacred Guardian 'Sacred Guardian' 14. Iscariot 'Arisen' 15. Regime 'demo 1991+3' 16. Blazon Stone 'Return to Port Royal' 17. Assassin (US) 'The Metal Knights' 18. Detest 'Thundersteel (compilation)' 19. Iron Mask 'Fifth Son of Winterdoom' 20. Rudess, Jordan 'Explorations'

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ReinxeedA New World


Liljegren Records
ID: KICP1664

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Well, this music reminds me again of Italian Melodic Speed&Power's school. On top of everything else there are Royal Hunt and Virgin Steele elements also there.

Released AngerFaces of Fate


Kill Again Records
ID: KA029

Thrash Metal

It's fast and aggressive Thrash with Black Metal vocals. This combination gives us very interesting mixture of European Thrash sound, some Heavy and Speed touches and cardinally not Thrash vocals.

RenacerSenderos del Alma


Centrale Records
ID: CD 51802

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

I'm sure there are many good unknown bands with very interesting music in the world, but usually these unknown bands are mediocre and non-original enough, I mean this band also. It's something common from Melodic Power with good but out of tune vocalist and non-memorable music.

Renegade (Italy)Straight to the Top


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-031

Heavy Metal

I consider it's not bad Heavy but not very memorable and unexciting. I have no additional words even after listening to this album twice.

Renegade (Italy)W:A:R


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-052

Heavy Metal

In my opinion it's better than their previous work. It's more or less ordinary Heavy with some not bad songs together with the typical and forgettable songs.

Renstrom, RickUntil the Bitter End


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 04-dd201

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

I didn't want to compare him with anyone, but I had to do it: it's Malmsteen exactly. This music is less speedy than Malmsteen's music, some musical themes aren't completed, everything else is in style of other musicians released by Mascot.

ReptilianCastle of Yesterday


Regain Records
ID: cdm 0903-1495

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's similar to Majestic, everything's is typical and drear.



Regain Records
ID: cdm 1003-1512

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This album is fast and can remind of Blind Guardian. The vocalist often sings out of tune. The tunes are good.

Requiem (Finland)The Arrival


Low Frequency Records
ID: cdm 1102-1235

Melodic Power Metal

The only memorable tracks on the album are the first and the last ones. These are pla*iarisms from Beethoven. There is no mention of using Beethoven's music on the disc. As for the rest - there are some elements of Stratovarius in their music.

Requiem (Finland)Mask of Damnation


Sound Riot Records
ID: cdm 0704-1886

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's common Speed&Power, sometimes close to Stratovarius. This music isn't original, but there aren't oblivious parts from other bands' music on this album, there are some Prog elements there also.

Requiem (Russia)Obnovlyonnyy Mir (Renewed World)


Metalism Records
ID: MR 035-07

Melodic Heavy Metal

For common Heavy it's not bad work with the vocals inherent to Epic Heavy. But there is nothing special in the music indeed.

RestlessHeart Attack


Scratch Records
ID: 95004

Melodic Heavy Metal

This music is in the traditions of Accept especially the vocals. Sometimes the songs are more Hard&Heavy than true Heavy, all in the day's work.

RestlessWe Rock the Nation


Scratch Records
ID: 941305

Melodic Heavy Metal

Probably I was a bit wrong describing the first album, the same vocals on We Rock aren't similar to Udo. This music is in the traditions of Axxis, Pretty Maids, etc.

Restless BreedNo Walls Can Hold: The Demo Anthology


Stormspell Records

Thrash Speed Metal

Yes, there are more Thrash elements than Speed, anyway this album sounds in typical 80's Thrash style. The music is complex enough, it's not without reason for US band that follows the similar way of the bands from the same time.

RetriemBelyy Gorod (White Town)


RM Records
ID: 2009

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This music is typical Melodic Speed&Power where the keys sounds more at an intensive rate than the guitars during the album. Sometimes the vocals reminds me of a mixture of Kotipelto and Roy Khan for some reason.

RevengeRhapsody from Brontoland



Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's a raw music, I think they're local Brazilian band as judged by an accent. This band isn't the same that was recorded on Brennus, but nevertheless this album is more interesting than Brennus's Revenge.



Remedy Records 

Speed Power Metal

It's for fans of true Speed&Power without any trendy bored influences like the sweet tunes and the standard chords. The vocals remind me of S.L. Coe.

RevoltonsNight Visions


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 0310-061 CD

Melodic Progressive Speed Power Heavy Metal

Ok, it's another Limb band from the 2nd wave Metal bands of this label. It's something from Fates Warning with Melodic Speed&Power elements which are standard for Italians, with good guitars and tunes.

RevoltonsUnderwater Bells


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-036

Power Metal

There is nothing special in the music, neither for Revoltons nor for Italian (Speed&)Power altogether. It's absolutely common Power.

Revoltons386 High Street North: Come Back to Eternity


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-093

Heavy Progressive Metal

Probably, perception of this music depends on frame of mind. When I listened to this album I just heard an ordinary mixture of Heavy and Progressive.

Revolution RenaissanceNew Era


Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 08-dd639

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Tolkki and Kiske save the world! It's true Stratovarius sound with the voice of Helloween. I didn't expect such excellent music!

Revolution RenaissanceAge of Aquarius


Scarlet Records
ID: SPV 176622 CD

Melodic Heavy Metal

No, Mr. Tolkki can't forget Stratovarius - this new album is a mixture of early and late Stratovarius works. The vocals are very similar to Kotipelto, almost all songs are the ballads, the bored enough ballads.

Revolution RenaissanceTrinity


Napalm Records
ID: irond cd 10-dd830

Melodic Power Metal

It's a complete repetition of Stratovarius with Tolkki. But there aren't the catching guitar and keys solos, vocals and tunes there which always were on Stratovarius.

RewardBreak Out


Koch Records
ID: CD 321 950/H1

Melodic Heavy Metal

The traditions of European Melodic Metal are irremovable. This band presents us very good music in common traditions of the genre.

RhapsodyLegendary Tales


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 9710-001 CD

Melodic Speed Power Metal

No comment.

RhapsodySymphony of Enchanted Lands


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 9810-007 CD

Melodic Speed Power Metal

No comment.

RhapsodyDawn of Victory


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 0010-023 CD

Melodic Speed Power Metal

No comment.

RhapsodyEternal Glory And Land of Immortals demos



Melodic Speed Power Metal

The songs differ from original versions by the music and by the lyrics also. The first singer is very good, I think Leone sang not better on the demos.

RhapsodyRain of a Thousand Flames


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 0110-036 DP

Melodic Speed Power Metal

No comment.

RhapsodyPower of the Dragonflame


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 0203-040 CD

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's self-copied music, anyway it's good to listen to it but it's enough for me to hear different Rhapsodies every month. But:
And this is then the epic end
Of the legendary tale
Of the one who found the light
And the dragonflame inside
Of the tragic rain of a thousand flames
Of the town's defenders who faced pain
Of symphonies of enchanted lands
Of whispers of love and hate

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