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May 25th, 2017
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1. Bon Jovi 'This House Is Not for Sale' 2. In Flames 'Battles' 3. Hardline 'Human Nature' 4. Asphyxia 'Exit: Reality' 5. Marcello, Kee 'Scaling Up' 6. Zheleznyy Potok 'Chyornaya Sila (Black Power)' 7. Pretty Maids 'Kingmaker' 8. Kruger 'Dikiy (Savage)' 9. Lithium 'Liniya Krovi (Bloodline)' 10. Kryptos 'Burn Up the Night' 11. Stalwart 'Tectonic' 12. Serious Black 'Mirrorworld' 13. National Suicide 'Anotheround' 14. Charred Walls of the Damned 'Creatures Watching over the Dead' 15. Eden's Curse 'Cardinal' 16. Sodom 'Decision Day' 17. Crystal Ball 'Déjà-Voodoo' 18. Winterstorm 'Cube of Infinity' 19. Hammerschmitt (Germany) 'Still on Fire' 20. Operation: Mindcrime 'Resurrection'

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Rhapsody of FireThe Cold Embrace of Fear - A Dark Romantic Symphony


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 10-1737

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This EP sounds like an audio book where more talk than music. As for music itself - it's absolutely the same without anything new.

Rhapsody of FireFrom Chaos to Eternity


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 11-1788

Melodic Speed Power Metal

There is nothing unusual for Rhapsody there, it's absolutely the same music. But there are again many catching songs or just short catching moments.

Rhapsody of FireDark Wings of Steel


AFM Records
ID: fo1028cd

Melodic Speed Power Metal

I don't know what I can say about this work... It's very typical for Rhapsody (of Fire), this release doesn't carry anything new or special in the music.

Rhapsody of FireInto the Legend


AFM Records
ID: fo1192cd

Melodic Speed Power Metal

You wouldn't say that there isn't Luca Turilli on this album and in this project. The music is just a perfect version of best Rhapsody traditions without doubt.

RhevanDrunk with the Blood of Saints



Melodic Heavy Metal

Not fast Heavy with the female vocals - isn't it Nightwish-like band? This EP unites many of well-known features of the similar bands includes some Gothic elements.

Ride the SkyNew Protection


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 07-1334

Melodic Heavy Metal

Don't run after the name, it's not Helloween but Kusch participation, though some Helloween moments came up in the music. It's melodious Heavy with Progressive elements, there is nothing very special there.

RiderDavid Thompson's Rider



Blues Rock

The most of the tracks is really Blues Rock with the corresponding guitar and the vocals sound. Sometimes this music sounds in some late Uriah Heep (or alike) direction.

RiffRuedas de Metal


Distribuidora Belgrano Norte (DBN)
ID: CD - 51948

Hard Rock

Word 'Metal' will mean something in the future, actually it's Hard Rock generally speaking... This debut work reminds me of AC/DC of 70s by the sound and Hard Rock atmosphere.

Riff-RaffRock'n'Roll Mutation vol.1



Hard Heavy Metal

It's not a funny stuff of ABBA cover-band, it's a real incredible idea to unite AC/DC and ABBA. The songs are by ABBA, the sound is by AC/DC with the same Young's guitar sound and the guitar riffs and with Jonhson's vocals. It's really, really excellent album!

Riff-RaffLeaving D.C.


SAOL (Service for Artist Owned Labels)
ID: SAOL 100

Hard Heavy Metal

Yes, the band is leaving DC but AC is still alive in the music. So it's a music in some nice Rock'n'Roll style with several AC/DC elements.

RigerRiger (Der Wanderer)


CCP Records
ID: cdm 1101-750

Black Death Metal

There are few riffs and musical parts there but in general it's average enough music.



CCP Records
ID: cdm 1101-749

Black Death Metal

There are few riffs and musical parts there but in general it's average enough music.

Rigor MortisRigor Mortis


Capitol Records
ID: RMR01-03

Thrash Metal

How about that? It's Thrash of 80s that I like. The music is fast and aggressive, it's a union of European Thrash and US Thrash traditions.

Ring of FireThe Oracle


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 1101-738

Melodic Heavy Metal

Mark Boals depends on Malmsteen very much. His work follows the irrepressibly traces of Malmsteen's way.

Ring of FireDreamtower


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 0303-1331

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

Of course it's Malmsteen clone, especially if this project consists of Boals who was always dependent on Malmsteen's music, of recognized Malmsteen's imitator MacAlpine and of few solos of Kuprij who played here too. Music is sometimes good, melodic, sometimes bored, so nothing new or original could be found here.

Ring of FireBurning Live in Tokyo



Heavy Metal

No comment.

Ring of FireLapse of Reality


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 1004-2050

Melodic Hard Heavy Progressive Metal

I would be monotonously boring if I say again that ex-Malmsteen singer and Maslmsteen-like guitarist - MacAlpine together can bear only Malmsteen-like music. It's not quite true. This music close to standard AORish Melodic Hard Rock / Hard&Heavy, however with Malmsteen elements even so.

Ring of FireBattle of Leningrad


Frontiers Records
ID: αλ σχ 632

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

I think nothing has changed after 10 years of band's silence. It's still the music in Yngwie Malmsteen stile with some Artension elements (thanks Mr. Kuprij for it!).

Ring, TheTales from Midgard


Scarlet Records
ID: cdm 1204-2138

Melodic Heavy Metal

The Ring? What's the ring? Yeah, it's Tolkien again... But repetition in concept idea hasn't an affect on music. The music is very good and interesting, there are many unexpected things in the realization of this project.

Rio, Jose DelJourney into the Fourth Dimension


Lion Music
ID: irond cd 06-dd438

instrumental Progressive Speed Metal

When this music is fast it sounds like The Great Kat - very fast, much noizze and not very harmonically. All other tracks are in the guitar players traditions, I don't give you the names, all of them usually are similar, the ways are the same.



Rising Sun Productions
ID: cdm 0502-881

Heavy Metal

This work differs a bit from the next albums by some softer sound. In other respects it's good and original album.

RiotThe Breathren of the Long House


Rising Sun Productions
ID: cdm 0502-882

Melodic Heavy Metal

This is one of the best melodic bands from US of 90s, I say about this album especially. This release is very melodic and interesting, so I grieve that their first albums of the new century is so insignificant.



Metal Blade Records 

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

This release is one of the last from great band's albums (some releases after this one are weak for me). I think I can make the parallels between this album and Axel Rudi Pell.

RiotSons of Society


EMI Records 

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's something like late Rainbow + something from Malmsteen. The music is more or less catchy than the previous album.

RiotThrough the Storm


Metal Blade Records
ID: fo175cd

Heavy Metal

Everything remains the same. They grows older, the music grows to AOR. Though sometimes you can hear tunes they were famous for.

RiotThe Privilege of Power


CBS Records
ID: COL-CD-7448 A 27965

Speed Power Heavy Metal

The half of the album is the fast tracks, some tracks are real Funk with the trumpets, do you understand how unusually it is? This album is still of the wave of US Speed&Power of 80s.

RiotArmy of One


Metal Heaven
ID: myst cd 195

Heavy Power Metal

I think this album unites Power of the past and Melodic Hard&Heavy of the last times of the band. The music presents some nice things here so the band again gives us very good material.



CBS Records
ID: ZK 44232

Speed Metal

The older Riot's album I hear the less it sounds in comparison with the late band's albums. It's hot Speed of 80s, not powerful but absolutely splendid.

RiotImmortal Soul


ID: SPV 309872 CD

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

It's my contribution to the memory of Mark Reale. This work is the best confirmation that his spent life was not for nothing!

Riot on MarsFirst Wave


Zain Records Inc.
ID: ZACG-9002

AOR Hard Rock

Actually I raised my expectation, for all intents and purposes it's ordinary Hard Rock/AOR with some Uriah Heep influences. I don't deny but that the music is good enough bit it's bad excuse.

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