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April 29th, 2017
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1. Serious Black 'Mirrorworld' 2. National Suicide 'Anotheround' 3. Charred Walls of the Damned 'Creatures Watching over the Dead' 4. Sodom 'Decision Day' 5. Crystal Ball 'Déjà-Voodoo' 6. Winterstorm 'Cube of Infinity' 7. Hammerschmitt (Germany) 'Still on Fire' 8. Operation: Mindcrime 'Resurrection' 9. Epica 'The Holographic Principle' 10. Suicidal Tendencies 'World Gone Mad' 11. Opeth 'Sorceress' 12. Grim Reaper 'Walking in the Shadows' 13. Fair Warning 'Pimp Your Past' 14. Evergrey 'The Storm Within' 15. Kissin' Dynamite 'Generation Goodbye' 16. Hammers of Misfortune 'Dead Revolution' 17. White Wolf 'Endangered Species' 18. Fates Warning 'Theories of Flight' 19. In Extremo 'Quid Pro Quo' 20. ZAR 'Don't Wait for Heroes'

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RipioEn Alguna Parte de Este Mundo... Volvere



Heavy Metal

It's one man's project, Eduardo Costanzo plays all instruments, sings and does it very good. The music is melodious Heavy on Spanish language where is a place for very interesting instrumentals also.

RipioVengador de Perdedore



Heavy Metal

If you already know works of this one-man-project, I think you don't disclose anything new. It's not bad melodious Heavy with good enough guitar works.

Ripper...And the Dead Shall Rise


Iron Works Records
ID: BWRCD 070-2

Heavy Metal

It's slow tempo monotonous Heavy with few epic US Heavy of 80's elements (the keys) and with some Mercyful Fate influences (the vocals). Their music isn't so bright to be famous, though the screams and some powerful songs' parts can quicken interest in it.

Rising ForceBirth of the Sun


GMR Music Group
ID: cdm 0902-967

Hard Heavy Metal

It's a demo with corresponding for the demos sound. Many of the tracks are pre-versions for the next Malmsteens albums or just have special riffs or solos which you can find on the full-length albums.

Rising ForceRising Force


ID: 825 324-2

Hard Heavy Metal

There was nothing similar to this album before. This is the 1st official album of Yngwee J. Malmsteen's Rising Force. There are many instrumentals there with the acoustic guitars and the outstanding tunes.

Rising ForceMarching Out


ID: 825733-2


Rising ForceOdyssey


ID: 835 451-2


Rising ForceWar to End All Wars


Spitfire Records
ID: 5171-2

Heavy Metal

No comment.

Rising ForceAlchemy




Rising ForceAttack!!


Sony Music Entertainment 

Heavy Metal

The sound of this album is not so dim and illegible like that of pevious one. To my surprise Doogie White sang very well, sometimes he sang even aggressively. But there are no memorable tunes. Though everyone may respect Malmsteen for the fact of his existence, it would be good to hear on his albums something more sensible.

Rising ForceUnleash the Fury


Universal Music
ID: UICE-1078

Melodic Heavy Metal

My thoughts about this release are united: Malmsteen didn't make such music about 20 years! Though of course many tracks are very very similar to other Malmsteen's tracks from previous life, but this album is just semi-instrumental, do you remember when he could play many splendid fast instrumentals at once? Only in the beginning of his career. Anyway, I'm very pleased, that Malmsteen presents me this music, because his early works are the best for me.

Rising ForcePerpetual Flame



Melodic Heavy Metal

Malmsteen, Malmsteen, what do I have to say again? This album hasn't quite bowled me over, at least from the first time. It's still the same...

Rising ForceSpellbound


Rising Force Records
ID: UICN-9008

Melodic Heavy Metal

Even so instrumental Malmsteen is better than his projects with the vocals almost on every songs. So it's very good technical work with many interesting moments.

Rising KingdomCurse of Mind



Melodic Speed Power Metal

Another Italian Speed&Power Metal band appeared to conquer the world. The first tracks of this demo are ordinary Italian Melodic Speed&Power but the last track is that unique track which can be a basement for all their music in future!

RiskThe Daily Horror News


ID: 85-7574

Speed Thrash Metal

It's very fast for Heavy, and it's harmonic enough for Thrash. There are many very good guitar solos on a par with good interesting sound on this album.

RiskHell's Animals


ID: TECP-25003

Speed Thrash Metal

It's classic music of 80s in Vendetta, Coroner, Annihilator style. It's not pure Thrash because of harmonic riffs and set of melodic elements.

RiskDirty Surfaces


ID: SPV 084-76232

Speed Power Metal

This album is already close to music of 80s. This music is yet fast but some slow Doomish tracks appeared on this album. The music became harder.

RiskThe Reborn


ID: SPV 084-76422

Heavy Metal

If you make Speed/Thrash band play mid-tempo music your result would be this album. I hear a vocal for Thrash/Speed Metal only, the guitar works which can adorn every old band but everything is on Heavy wave, even with Doom touches.



ID: SPV 084-76712

Heavy Doom Metal

The last existing Risk album doesn't support almost all early band's traditions, it's close to previous The Reborn album, but probably it is more slow and Doomish. This release is in the traditions of e.g. Paradise Lost.

Ritual SpiritRitual Spirit


Shark Records
ID: 2000008

Heavy Power Metal

It's a lightened mixture of Megadeth (the rhythm), Annihilator (the guitar works), Iced Earth, Iron Maiden. The music very often moves over from Heavy to Power.

Ritual SteelBlitz Invasion


Hellion Records
ID: HE 310704

Melodic Power Metal

This album sounds in the traditions if German Melodic Power. You don't find there anything fresh and original but just very good music.

Ritual SteelInvincible Warriors


Killer Metal Records

Melodic Heavy Metal

This time we have the music in the traditions of German Melodic Heavy almost without any Power elements. It's still the same very nice music without anything special.

River of ChangeWhere Reality Cannot Enter


B.O. Records
ID: B.O. 017

Melodic Speed Power Metal

These jolly Italians... Don't think they are like other sweetish Italian bands. River of Change uses more various keys and these samples are more qualitative than those of other Italians bands.

RiversideAnno Domini High Definition



Progressive Metal

This music is almost Metal though it's already not Rock but it's Progressive in all things. This music can be closer to Art Rock of 70-80 with modern Metal sound.

RiversideMemories in My Head


The Laser's Edge
ID: lc1059

Art Progressive Rock

This EP is so imperceptible, I tried twice to listen to it and have no remembrance about this work. I think it's very calm Art Rock without any bright moments.

RiversideShrine of New Generation Slaves


ID: mzr cd 575

Progressive Metal

At last Riverside have gone up in my estimation to the level of sophisticated Progressive. There is something special and catchy in the music without doubt.

RiversideLove, Fear And the Time Machine


ID: mzr cd 733

Progressive Rock

It's a music with some Gothical sadness, a music of calm and balance. A soft sounding of this album has a mighty positive part in perception of this band again.

RizonSudden Life


Karthago Records
ID: KR 037

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's not simply melodious Heavy, it's modern melodious Heavy. That means many keys, female vocals and some strained tunes that's proper for modern AOR also.



Karthago Records
ID: KR056

Melodic Heavy Metal

No, I don't have anything against this band and its music. Unfortunately it's very popular Metal with the female vocals that sounds absolutely like many other similar bands, it's a nasty surprise in my view.

RizonPower Plant


Pure Steel Records

Progressive Metal

It's again some trendy, cheesy songs with sidy epical music. The band gets nowhere again, so save your time, we have more advanced bands without doubt.

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