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March 31st, 2015
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1. Holy Cross 'Place Your Bets' 2. Holy Cross 'Under the Flag' 3. Arctic Flame 'Guardian at the Gate' 4. Arctic Flame 'Declaration' 5. In Solitude (Sweden) 'In Solitude' 6. Emerald 'Hymns to Steel' 7. Titan Steele 'The Force' 8. Enchanter 'Secrets vol. 1 / Symbols in Stone' 9. Wolfs Moon 'Unholy Darkness' 10. Zarpa 'Bestias del Poder' 11. Zarpa 'Las Puertas del Tiempo' 12. Zarpa 'Iberia' 13. Arion 'Last of Us' 14. Opeth 'Pale Communion' 15. Mass 'Voices in the Night' 16. Mass 'Take You Home' 17. Mass 'New Birth' 18. Xentrix 'Dilute to Taste' 19. Skid Row 'Rise of the Damnation Army, United World Rebellion: Chapter 2' 20. Scintilla Project, The 'The Hybrid'

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Ritual SteelBlitz Invasion


Hellion Records
ID: HE 310704

Melodic Power Metal

This album sounds in the traditions if German Melodic Power. You don't find there anything fresh and original but just very good music.

Ritual SteelInvincible Warriors


Killer Metal Records

Melodic Heavy Metal

This time we have the music in the traditions of German Melodic Heavy almost without any Power elements. It's still the same very nice music without anything special.

River of ChangeWhere Reality Cannot Enter


B.O. Records
ID: B.O. 017

Melodic Speed Power Metal

These jolly Italians... Don't think they are like other sweetish Italian bands. River of Change uses more various keys and these samples are more qualitative than those of other Italians bands.

RiversideAnno Domini High Definition



Progressive Metal

This music is almost Metal though it's already not Rock but it's Progressive in all things. This music can be closer to Art Rock of 70-80 with modern Metal sound.

RiversideMemories in My Head


The Laser's Edge
ID: lc1059

Art Progressive Rock

This EP is so imperceptible, I tried twice to listen to it and have no remembrance about this work. I think it's very calm Art Rock without any bright moments.

RiversideShrine of New Generation Slaves


ID: mzr cd 575

Progressive Metal

At last Riverside have gone up in my estimation to the level of sophisticated Progressive. There is something special and catchy in the music without doubt.

Rock'n'Raw Bottled BandNa Dne Butylki (At the Bottom of the Bottle)


ID: cdm 1010-2990

Heavy Stoner Metal

No bottles, no Rock'n'Roll are there. It's some modern stuff with some Heavy and Stoner principle, it's an absolutely fade music.

Rock, RobRage of Creation


Massacre Records
ID: MAS CD0263

Melodic Heavy Metal

I didn't expect that Rob Rock could make such perfect album! His voice makes you leave your deeds and listen to the music only. About the music: it's superb! I'd like to note the brilliant guitar works. Sometimes this album reminds me of Y&T.

Rock, RobEyes of Eternity


Massacre Records
ID: amg 109

Melodic Speed Power Heavy Metal

This album is much more faster than previous one. But now this album sounds like Malmsteen + Helloween + Stratovarius + Gamma Ray + etc. There are many guest musicians there like it usually is on any solo album. Guitar works and vocals are perfect.

Rock, RobHoly Hell


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0805-2357

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

If somebody ask me who's the best US voice who's got his own solo project, I recall Rob Rock at first. No, I didn't forget Dio and other more famous vocalists, but Rock's albums are closer to me. It's a powerful, melodic and original music with very catching songs.

Rock, RobGarden of Chaos


AFM Records
ID: cdm 1107-2767

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

Rob Rock is so recognizable person by the voice so it seems I already know all these songs from Garden of Chaos very good. I can recommend a song Millennial Reign from this album where his nightingale warbles impress specially.

Rock, RobThe Voice of Melodic Metal - Live in Atlanta


AFM Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd743

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

Our voice of Melodic Metal - Rob Rock - does his work perfectly alive, there is no real doubt about it. It's just another very good work of this person performed alive.

Rocka RollasThe War of Steel Has Begun


Stormspell Records

Speed Power Metal

This music reminds me of early Rage/Avenger, Scanner and Agent Steel with many fast guitar solos. This music is absolutely in 80s style in spite of a fact that album was released in 2011.

Rocka RollasMetal Strikes Back


Stormspell Records

Speed Power Metal

It's the same music we heard on the debut album. It's a fast music in 80s spirit with many excellent guitar works and with some Running Wild and Judas Priest influences.

Rods, TheLet Them Eat Metal


CMS Records
ID: HV-1030

Heavy Metal

Judas Priest is everywhere, Iron Maiden is also somewhere nearly. The Rods presents almost all Judas Priest ideas including just copied parts from Judas Priest, the rest is a try to make something their own.

Rods, TheThe Rods


Arista Records
ID: HV-1015

Blues Hard Rock

It's nice but the standard variations of the bands from 70s like Rainbow, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, etc. The music and the guitars are very Blues-oriented (but few Hard&Heavy tracks).

Rods, TheWild Dogs


Arista Records
ID: HV-1016

Hard Heavy Metal

This work was played in the common traditions of popular US Hard&Heavy of 80s. It's not bad music without anything original inside.

Rods, TheIn the Raw


CMS Records
ID: HV-1028

Hard Heavy Metal

It's again old Hard&Heavy of the same direction of evolution: nothing new, just repeat well-tried. So it's a common music for that time without anything extraordinary.



ID: 843 353-2

AOR Hard Rock

It would be better to call itself Popo Hardo Roko because it's a commercial music, pop Hard Rock. Yes, it's in some traditions of German Melodic Rock but with the soft enough sound.

RokoOpen Invitation


ID: 511 631-2

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

Though there are some not bad Hard@Heavy songs on this release it's still commercial Rock. But at least there are some songs really memorable and interesting on this album.

RokoThink About Tomorrow


ID: XRCN-1218

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

It's not bad album for not the best band of German Melodic Metal trend. This work is melodic enough, with not bad guitars and vocals.



ID: RK 10496

Pop Rock

Look! It's again true Popo Roko, it's a collection of the slow songs or ballads, almost absolutely without the luscious guitars, acoustic or weakly sounded like in all pop music. It's good to use in pop Rock cafe after Sting and before Bryan Adams.

Romanoff, IgorUgarochki


ID: NP 94026

instrumental Hard Heavy Metal

It's the guitar-oriented instrumental music from acoustic works to bluesy Hard&Heavy. There isn't bright similarity with other guitarists on this album, it's just nice guitar music.

Romeo, MichaelThe Dark Chapter


Hellion Records

Heavy Metal

The main merit of the album is the absence of vocals. It's similar to Marty Friedman's style of playing, but music is less tuneful and closer to Jazz / Prog. There are no experiments, it resembles Symphony X in some short solo parts.

Rondat, PatrickOn the Edge


ID: LMP 9904-010 CD

instrumental Hard Heavy Progressive Metal

It's something that reminds me of Friedman's works, but this one is more Progressive.

RondinelliOur Cross - Our Sins


MTM Music
ID: amg 081

Progressive Hard Rock

It's a solo project of a legendary Hard Rock musician. On the one hand it's typical melodically inexpressive material, on the other hand instrumental parts (especially guitar ones) are emphasized. Some complex rhythmic structures, which are typical for Progressive Rock appear. Tony Martin's voice doesn't sound at all against this absolutely untuneful background.



JoyVee Records
ID: 1000

Hard Rock

It's a mixture of Dio and Led Zeppelin in my understanding, this album is in traditional style for such music. It's not a full-length album it's some studio tracks with some live tracks.

Room with a ViewCollecting Shells at Lighthouse Hill


My Kingdom Music

Progressive Metal

I don't know was anybody else but me who was able to run this DVD for the listening to the tracks? Every player and other sound programs could play multimedia section only, but there wasn't an entrance to the music in that section... Ok, it's good Progressive music probably in the mixture with Gothic Rock, but format of this disk spoils everything...

Rosae CrucisFede Potere Vendetta


Jolly Roger Records
ID: JRR010

Heavy Metal

The cases in which Italian Speed&Power bands sing on the native language are rare. Rosae Crucis is an exception. It's solid Speed&Power without the sugar tunes and keys, but with really interesting songs.

Rose TattooPain


ID: SPV 085-74212 CD

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

25 years of AC/DC, nothing changes in Rose Tattoo music. It's still the same AC/DC of 70s with Bon Scott-like vocals, some guitars in Angus Young style and many Blues Rock things.

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