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February 6th, 2016
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1. Majesty (Germany) 'Generation Steel' 2. Moonspell 'Extinct' 3. Arida Vortex 'The Illustrated Man' 4. Universe (Germany) 'Mission Rock' 5. Blackwelder 'Survival of the Fittest' 6. Faith No More 'Sol Invictus' 7. Bio-Cancer 'Tormenting the Innocent' 8. Acid Reign 'Obnoxious' 9. Acid Reign 'The Fear' 10. Wind Rose 'Wardens of the West Wind' 11. Riot on Mars 'First Wave' 12. Statue 'Comes to Life' 13. House of Lords 'Indestructible' 14. Lynch Mob 'Sun Red Sun' 15. Vexillum 'Unum' 16. Lande, Jorn & Holter, Trond 'Dracula - Swing of Death' 17. Serious Black 'As Daylight Breaks' 18. Auron 'Auron' 19. Stilverlight 'Stilverlight' 20. Voodoo Hill 'Waterfall'

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Snake CharmerBackyard Boogaloo


MTM Music
ID: cdm 1103-1599

Pop Hard Funk Rock

It's very trendy music performed by well known musicians. It's Foreigner, Bee Gees and so on and some cover versions in this music.

Snider, DeeDee Does Broadway


ID: 79301831282

Hard Rock

It is plain that Dee's work is the parts from the musicals performed in hard manner. The songs are well-known, the performance is perfect.

SnowblindLord of My Fate


Sleaszy Rider Records
ID: SR-0022

Heavy Doom Metal

I didn't wait from the frontman of ex-Nightfall anything special, only something Doomish. I was right, it's a light version of Doom, there are many similar projects in the world which sound like Paradise Lost.

SnowblindPrisoners of Planet Earth


Sleaszy Rider Records
ID: SR-0100

Heavy Metal

If the band plays slow melodious Heavy, almost half-Doom it doesn't mean that everything must be similar to slow epical Heavy like Manilla Road. This work is a simply good slow music in some epical Heavy key.

Sobygge, MichaelNo Words Needed


ID: BMCD 981

instrumental experimental Heavy Metal

As I see it's Danish guitarist, who plays original but not interesting music, he doesn't play fast and technically, probably he doesn't need it... Oh, I forgot to say, there were no vocals, it's an instrumental album.

SodomIn the Sign of Evil / Obsessed by Cruelty


ID: SPV 076-75332 CD

Thrash Metal

It seems I hear very raw Thrash, nevertheless it's already pure Thrash. The sound is chaotic and incomprehensible to say what it is exactly.

SodomPersecution Mania


ID: SPV 85-7509

Thrash Metal

At last the band follows a simple way of just chaotic German Thrash of 80s. It's a fast and headless music, that's typical for that time.

SodomAgent Orange


ID: SPV 84-7597

Thrash Metal

What's better: Sodom or Kreator? No, it's an indecorous question. These bands belong to the same time and the same style but even so it's the different bands. 'Agent Orange' can be compared with 'Pleasure to Kill' but 'Pleasure to Kill' is more unpredictable by the music than 'Agent Orange'.

SodomBetter Off Dead


ID: SPV 076-76262 CD

Thrash Metal

This work can be compared with US Thrash - first of all because of the various guitars. It's very interesting fast Thrash with the impressing songs.

SodomTapping the Vein


ID: SPV 076-76542 CD

Thrash Death Metal

It's actually more brutal than Thrash, it's like Slayer of the same time multiply by evil two. Anyway, it's really not bad work with the multi-layered sounding.

SodomGet What You Deserve


ID: SPV 176-76762 CD

Thrash Metal

It's still the same brutal Thrash with more Death than Thrash vocals. The music is various enough, there is even an instrumental track (not intro) there.

SodomMasquerade in Blood


ID: SPV 176-76962 CD

Thrash Metal

It can be described as Thrash mixed up with Motorhead, Tankard and Angelripper's solo albums. Because it's close to Thrash'n'Roll's Motorhead, it decreases a significancy of this album for me.



ID: 085-72442 CD

Thrash Metal

This album is as boring as M-16 shooting. It's Slayer average version, maybe it's like Kreator of the late time, anyway there is nothing interesting there for me.



ID: SPV 69832 CD

Thrash Metal

This album sounds again in US Thrash style, now it's a mixture of Slayer and say... Megadeth. So we have very interesting Thrash with the various music, memorable songs and pretty good guitars.

SodomThe Final Sign of Evil


ID: SPV 98502 CD

Thrash Metal

So it's not really new album because we have the rearranged early works from In The Sign of Evil and other early songs performed with the original line-up of that time. So we have the same songs we already know but at last with the high quality sound.

SodomCode Red


Drakkar Records
ID: 74321 67384 2

Thrash Metal

As for music - it's true Sodom album without doubt. But in other respects there isn't anything new there - it's the same high-voltage Thrash.

SodomIn War And Pieces


ID: SPV 308712 CD

Thrash Metal

The band still follows its way of fast Thrash in the spirit of the last Sodom's albums (with some Slayer elements). This album has many very interesting guitar works!

Sodom'Til Death Do Us Unite


GUN Records
ID: GUN 119

Thrash Speed Metal

Undoubtedly, such Sodom is more interesting for me. It's not only special Sodom sound and Tom's special vocals. there are very interesting guitar work and some Motorhead rhythm.

SodomEpitome of Torture


ID: SPV 260562 CD

Thrash Metal

The band's music teeters on the edge of Thrash and Black. The sound of course is aggressive and not very various though there are some really interesting parts in the music.

SolarNa Rassvete (At the Dawn)


ID: fo795

Melodic Power Metal

When the band has the female front vocals and plays modern Melodic Power, what's your thought first of all? Nightwish and alike? Yes, it can be compared with Nightwish but at the same time Solar has many-many orchestral-instrumental parts and not bad songs so this band follows its own way.

Solar FragmentA Spark of Deity


Sleaszy Rider Records
ID: SR-0070

Power Heavy Metal

It's slower Blind Guardian version, especially by the vocals. It's not bad Power/Heavy band with few Progressive and Melodic elements in the good enough songs.



Avantgarde Records 

experimental Death Gothic Black Metal

This mixture of everything gives us very interesting result. Standard Melodic Black/Falkenbach-oriented music with Dreadful Shadows Gothic, Doom with the modern sound and Hammond, growl and clear vocals, everything's here and this salad was very good because of it.

SolefaldBlack for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey part II


Season of Mist
ID: cdm 0107-2649

experimental Melodic Black Metal

For myself, it's a mixture old In Flames and e.g. Falkenbach with the different experimental things. This album is really experimental enough for the same style's bands which I know.

SolefaldNorrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord


Indie Recordings
ID: fo1118cd

Gothic Folk Metal

If I knew, I decided that the music reminded me of Italian Gothic. No, it's Norwegian band that mix up Nordic 'typically viking battle' music and something else, new to the north.

SolemnityReign in Hell


Remedy Records
ID: irond cd 03-419

Speed Power Metal

It's powerful sound from 21st century. But there's nothing outstanding here except power and speed. It sounds similar to Iron Angel but instruments are recorded clearer than those on Iron Angel. Their closest existing musical relative is Iced Earth. The last official track of the album is a copy of different parts of Eagle Fly Free by you know who. Then hidden track with something unintelligible follows 60 empty tracks for the duration of half an hour. So the real duration of an album is about 30 minutes instead of an hour.

SolemnityKing of Dreams


Remedy Records
ID: REM 022

Speed Power Metal

It's the same typical and simple Speed&Power. There is nothing special in the music, everything was played by many bands many times.

SolitaireRising to the Challenge


Iron Glory Records
ID: IG 1028

Speed Thrash Metal

It's a debut full-length band's album that realizes all your wishes to listen to true Speed/Thrash of 80s! The songs rise again that lost spirit of 80s which so hard to find from year to year...

SolitaireExtremely Flammable


Iron Glory Records
ID: IG1035

Speed Thrash Metal

This band lives in 80s, we live in 80s again! It's very fast music in European Speed/Thrash traditions which inflames you indeed, even though this flame is in yourself.

SolitaireInvasion Metropolis


Battle Cry Records
ID: BC 022

Speed Thrash Metal

Is it still the same music came from the last albums? Yes it is, but they don't need to change anything because such music must live without modern changes.

SolitudeVirtual Image


Spiritual Beast
ID: SBCD-0999

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's very tactile music, no wonder it's Japanese band, where Melodic traditions hallow in every band. This music is tougher than just Heavy, with the harsh vocals, but with the melodiousness without fail.

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