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May 24th, 2017
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List of the albums from Denis own collection

The last 20 albums entered are:

1. Bon Jovi 'This House Is Not for Sale' 2. In Flames 'Battles' 3. Hardline 'Human Nature' 4. Asphyxia 'Exit: Reality' 5. Marcello, Kee 'Scaling Up' 6. Zheleznyy Potok 'Chyornaya Sila (Black Power)' 7. Pretty Maids 'Kingmaker' 8. Kruger 'Dikiy (Savage)' 9. Lithium 'Liniya Krovi (Bloodline)' 10. Kryptos 'Burn Up the Night' 11. Stalwart 'Tectonic' 12. Serious Black 'Mirrorworld' 13. National Suicide 'Anotheround' 14. Charred Walls of the Damned 'Creatures Watching over the Dead' 15. Eden's Curse 'Cardinal' 16. Sodom 'Decision Day' 17. Crystal Ball 'Déjà-Voodoo' 18. Winterstorm 'Cube of Infinity' 19. Hammerschmitt (Germany) 'Still on Fire' 20. Operation: Mindcrime 'Resurrection'

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SladeWall of Hits


Polygram Records
ID: 083 968 3

Melodic Hard Rock

No comment.

SlanderCareless Talk Costs Lives



Heavy Metal

Though this band is located in UK it's not problem to find in the music some NWoBHM rhythm. In other respects it's just reasonably good music without distinct originality.

SlayerUndisputed Attitude


The American Recording Company
ID: 74321 38325 2

Hardcore Punk Metal

It's time when Slayer sold the music and began to play trendy songs. There is nothing interesting there for me.

SlayerShow No Mercy


Metal Blade Records
ID: fo14cd

Speed Thrash Metal

This debut album isn't a pure Thrash yet. For comparison - Agent Steel, early Blind Guardian and Kreator (to a certain extent) played such music. Anyway, Slayer could be called the first ones in the world who played such music.

SlayerHell Awaits


Metal Blade Records
ID: fo15cd

Thrash Metal

Early Slayer always was very interesting and progressive. Listening to it now I found that Kreator repeated many riffs and themes on its songs in some years after this release.

SlayerReign in Blood


The American Recording Company
ID: 491798 2

Thrash Metal

Slayer already makes its way in Metal settled in chaotic Thrash of 80s. As the result everybody like and remember early Slayer because such music was new and innovating in that time.

SlayerSouth of Heaven


The American Recording Company
ID: 491800

Thrash Metal

South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss albums are the most successful in Slayer life. You must know this music without my tales.

SlayerSeasons in the Abyss


The American Recording Company
ID: 491799-10

Thrash Metal

South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss albums are the most successful in Slayer life. You must know this music without my tales.

SlayerDiabolus in Musica


The American Recording Company
ID: 491302-2

Thrash Hardcore Metal

It's already modern trendy music with some Slayer traditions. This Slayer period isn't interesting for me though the music is not so terrible.

SlayerGod Hates Us All


The American Recording Company
ID: 063 040-2

Thrash Hardcore Metal

God or not, but Slayer doesn't love exactly those excellent moments of band's life in 80s. I hear it in the music which's oriented for the teenagers of the current time, when rap and *core are the limit for all their interests.

SlayerChrist Illusion


The American Recording Company
ID: 9362-44300-2

Thrash Metal

Hey, brothers in Thrash! What can be the biggest gladness than Slayer of late 80s, early 90s?! Al last the band heard what people want and what they played instead of it for the last time. Now it's real Slayer of South of Heaven and Season in Abyss years!

SlayerWorld Painted Blood


The American Recording Company
ID: 88697413182

Thrash Metal

Hey, old Thrash bands, take themselves lead from Slayer! This album demonstrates us again a stability of the decision to play true Thrash of their classic years.

SlayerDivine Intervention


The American Recording Company
ID: 74321 23677 2

Thrash Metal

Slayer's drill dissects your braincase at a blink of an eye as usual. It's modern Thrash in already known band's performance of their meaning of the music in 90s.



Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 3359-2

Thrash Metal

Our old school Slayer remember you and play old school Slayer's Thrash. The music is typical for this band in classic meaning of band's sound, there is nothing new and nothing horribly new there.

Sleeping GodsNew Sensation


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0801-642

Doom Gothic Metal

It's similar to Anathema but there is some originality and some interesting songs there.

Sleepy HollowSkull Thirteen


Pure Steel Records

Power Metal

I don't know what music was on band's debut album from already distant 1991. This work is good US Power, this music is for strong-willed and decisive persons.

SlowKiller Mermaid


Maniac Records
ID: MR 1510

Heavy Progressive Metal

This 5 tracks album is short but very various by the music. This work demonstrates the different styles from Progressive to Power, each track doesn't sound like other tracks of this release.

Smirnov, AndreyAdrenaline


ID: cdm 0212-3029

Heavy Metal

Andrey Smirnov is a member of many bands but his solo album isn't so various. It's typical enough Heavy where you can anticipate the songs.

Smith, StuartHeaven And Earth


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 0901-696

Hard Rock

It's less interesting work than the band Heaven & Earth itself. There are many different musicians, various of sounding but it's boring enough.

SmokieThe Best of


EMI Records
ID: 33 C 60-14413-14

AOR Rock

No comment.

SmokieChasing Shadows


EMI Records 

Melodic AOR Rock

No comment.

Smolski, VictorThe Heretic


ID: 74321 75820 2

with symphonic orchestra experimental Heavy Metal

This is just a background sound for the mystical games or old movies, it's not a real complete music.

Smolski, VictorMajesty & Passion


ID: cdm 1104-2122/d

instrumental Melodic

It's Bach music performed by a guitar player. It's not the first time when somebody tries to play Bach in Rock style, but in this case Smolksi plays Prog-Jazzy version of the music. Also there is album called Destiny on this release, this recording is just like Friedman classic solo album.

Snake CharmerBackyard Boogaloo


MTM Music
ID: cdm 1103-1599

Pop Hard Funk Rock

It's very trendy music performed by well known musicians. It's Foreigner, Bee Gees and so on and some cover versions in this music.

Snider, DeeDee Does Broadway


ID: 79301831282

Hard Rock

It is plain that Dee's work is the parts from the musicals performed in hard manner. The songs are well-known, the performance is perfect.

SnowblindLord of My Fate


Sleaszy Rider Records
ID: SR-0022

Heavy Doom Metal

I didn't wait from the frontman of ex-Nightfall anything special, only something Doomish. I was right, it's a light version of Doom, there are many similar projects in the world which sound like Paradise Lost.

SnowblindPrisoners of Planet Earth


Sleaszy Rider Records
ID: SR-0100

Heavy Metal

If the band plays slow melodious Heavy, almost half-Doom it doesn't mean that everything must be similar to slow epical Heavy like Manilla Road. This work is a simply good slow music in some epical Heavy key.

Sobygge, MichaelNo Words Needed


ID: BMCD 981

instrumental experimental Heavy Metal

As I see it's Danish guitarist, who plays original but not interesting music, he doesn't play fast and technically, probably he doesn't need it... Oh, I forgot to say, there were no vocals, it's an instrumental album.

SodomIn the Sign of Evil / Obsessed by Cruelty


ID: SPV 076-75332 CD

Thrash Metal

It seems I hear very raw Thrash, nevertheless it's already pure Thrash. The sound is chaotic and incomprehensible to say what it is exactly.

SodomPersecution Mania


ID: SPV 85-7509

Thrash Metal

At last the band follows a simple way of just chaotic German Thrash of 80s. It's a fast and headless music, that's typical for that time.

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