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August 28th, 2015
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1. Voodoo Temple 'Vessel of Wrath' 2. Cloudscape 'Global Drama' 3. Azrael's Bane 'Wings of Innocence' 4. Loch Vostok 'Reveal No Secrets' 5. Witchking 'Hand of Justice' 6. Rage of Romance 'Rage of Romance' 7. Warrant 'Dog Eat Dog' 8. Warrant 'Cherry Pie' 9. Warrant 'Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich' 10. Reaper (Germany) 'An Atheist Monument' 11. Mostly Autumn 'Glass Shadows' 12. Bon Jovi 'The Circle' 13. Bon Jovi 'Lost Highway' 14. Bon Jovi 'Have a Nice Day' 15. 220 Volt 'Walking in Starlight' 16. Helix 'The Power of Rock And Roll' 17. Black Crowes, The 'Before the Frost... Until the Freeze' 18. In Extremo 'Sængerkrieg' 19. Paradise Lost 'Paradise Lost' 20. L.A.Guns 'Vicious Circle'

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ID: 3025452

Heavy Power Metal

Everything is in French, and it is good. Again, it is the beginning of the 80s, and the music is so beautiful and heavy. A bit of Iron Maiden influnece, but much faster and heavier. The singer has very strong voice.

SortilegeLames de Heros


Axe Killer
ID: SPV 04-7557

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

Though I prefer Sortilege in native French language (this one is in English edition), this album can't run away from you, because this is another excellent work of French Metal masters! Almost all songs are very memorable with the superb ballads.

Soto, Jeff ScottThe JSS Queen Concert


Sewtoe Productions International 


No comment.

Soto, Jeff ScottLove Parade


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 1102-1219


It's Michael Jackson and Co. It's a mixture of such Americanisms, some rap elements, James Brown, Bee Gees. I can't even call it pop-rock.

Soto, Jeff ScottPrism


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 1102-1215

Funk AOR Hard Heavy Metal

Music is harder, more reliable and more interesting than that of 'Love Paradise'. You can't find here either originality or Malmsteen influences. These are just melodies for American radio.

Soto, Jeff ScottJSS Live at the Gods


Frontiers Records
ID: FR DVD 002


No comment.

Soto, Jeff ScottLost in the Translation


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 1004-2051

AOR Melodic Hard Rock

AOR is AOR. Almost no one was able to break the borders of such music, neither was Soto. It's just nice melodic music, the vocals, the guitars - everything is in the right place as usual.

Soto, Jeff ScottEssential Ballads


Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 06-dd376

Pop Hard Heavy Metal

It's a compilation of sugar Soto's songs, some of them really aren't so bad. In other respects there is nothing special on this release at all.

Soto, Jeff ScottDamage Control


Frontiers Records
ID: FR CD 545

Heavy Metal

This Heavy is in modern meaning of this style. There is a modern sound with the memorable songs, excellent guitars there. Some songs are close to modern Melodic Hard&Heavy.

Soto, Jeff ScottBeautiful Mess


Frontiers Records
ID: FR CD 392

Pop Funk Rock

I know who wrote the songs for Michael Jackson, his big family and other 'pop-music stars'. Welcome to another Jeff Scott Soto's album comprising even non-Rock songs.

Soul EnemaThin Ice Crawling


ID: mals 354

Progressive Metal

It would be average under-Progressive but for the synthesized strings instruments and the national instruments that set the teeth on edge. There are some Folk elements also as well.

Soul StealerSoul Stealer


Ledo Takas Records

Melodic Power Metal

The band sings on a native language, Spanish, Czech? No, Lithuanian! This music is surprisingly favourably endowed with the interesting musical decisions in style of Helloween's Keepers.

Soul StealerFeel the Steal


Ledo Takas Records

Melodic Heavy Power Progressive Metal

First of all I'd like to say that this album reminds me of Conception, especially something from the vocals reminds me of Roy Khan. This album is slower but more various than band's debut work.



Underground Symphony
ID: US CD - 080

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Who was a singer of this band? Signore Wild Steel under his wild steel mask (from Shadows of Steel)! So it's absolutely typical Italian Melodic Speed&Power with many not bad songs.

SoulbreachMy Dividing Line


Mascot Records
ID: M 7207 2

Melodic Death Metal

It's In Flames inside the music but with few Progressive elements. I'm astonished again why Mascot released an album in such irregular for this label's genre.

SoulgrindThe Origins of the Paganblood


Holy Records

Melodic Black Death Metal

Probably, it's like Dismal Euphony when Melodic Black with all Melodic Black attributes suddenly dilutes by the squealing female vocals. But it came to nothing new, the music's similar to other bands of this style.

SoulitudeRequiem for a Dead Planet


ID: 4 582337 650142

Melodic Power Metal

I can't say it's typical Power, also I can't say it's an original music. So this work is Power with many keys, few growl vocals and some catchy tunes.

SoullessForever Defiant


Worldchaos Production
ID: kdm-022

Death Thrash Metal

US bands follows not only local Death/Thrash traditions, this album reminds me of In Flames very much. This music characterizes by special very good guitar sound, complex works and heavy sound.

SoullessAgony's Lament


Worldchaos Production
ID: KDM-010

Death Thrash Metal

This album is between early Kreator and classic In Flames. The music doesn't touch anything from other styles or bands' ideas, everything's foreseeable enough.

Souls at ZeroSouls at Zero


Energy Records
ID: RR 9032 2

Thrash Progressive Metal

This music ties up with what I was saying about US Thrash - it's a complex music, with technical guitars and not very fast sound. This band reminds me of a mixture of the different bands like Metallica, Slayer, Annihilator, Savatage, Flotsam&Jetsam, etc.

Souls of WeLet the Truth Be Known


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd743

Modern Rock

Did George Lynch decided to play with modern youth? It's something sounding in the modern style with Funk elements and with almost absolutely fade songs.

SoulsecretFlowing Portraits


Progrock Records 

Progressive Metal

These Italians perform Progressive in US style - it's like a mixture of Dream Theater and Spock's Beard with the dominating keys parts. This music aren't beyond the scope of the style.

SoulspellThe Labyrinth of Truths


Inner Wound Recordings
ID: IW83009

Melodic Power Metal

What try to prove the persons with other Metal fkn operas? It's just again the same average (not bright) music with many invited musicians.

Sound of SilenceSpiritual Journey


Sleaszy Rider Records
ID: SR-0015

Progressive Metal

Greeks can make decent product even from common Prog. In general they just decorate classic Prog sound by some original ideas and non-standard Prog sound. They've got their own style.

Sound of Thunder, AOut of the Darkness



Heavy Power Metal

Please welcome the band that begins the album with Stoner and continues with Heavy/Power! There are the female vocals also so there is even a track in Folk stile a-la Blackmore's Night.

SoyuzKrasnyy Svet / Red Light



Hard Heavy Metal

This release is somewhere between Heavy and AOR, some tracks are very good Heavy/Hard&Heavy, but some tracks are close to bored AOR. Anyway, this band couldn't wait for a big success with such music.

Space OdysseyEmbrace the Galaxy


Regain Records
ID: RR 0309-035

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

I hoped to hear something different, but it's again Majestic or in other words it's Malmsteen + Royal Hunt. It's (...yawning) music within the borders of other similar bands' music with some good tunes and solos (...yawning again).

Space OdysseyAstral Episode


Regain Records
ID: cdm 0705-2340

Melodic Progressive Speed Power Metal

It's faster than Malmsteen and it's more progressive than Symphony X - this is two main points of this album. The music really became Progressive with many rhythm changes but didn't loose melodiousness of the previous work.

Space OdysseyTears of the Sun


Regain Records
ID: cdm 0107-2669

Melodic Heavy Progressive Metal

It's some type of slow Heavy, even Hard&Heavy. It seems the music hasn't a good mind to be faster and more various, it's a slow though sometimes powerful music, monotonous at first view.

Spastic InkInk Compatible


Electric Electric
ID: EE 2004

experimental Progressive Metal

It's experimental music from the beginning to the end, it could be good release for Magna Carta. I bought it because of the well-known lineup, I just wanted to know what else they can do?

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