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May 27th, 2016
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The last 20 albums entered are:

1. Batio, Michael Angelo 'Shred Force 1: The Essential Michael Angelo Batio' 2. Act of Defiance 'Birth And the Burial' 3. Battlecross 'Rise to Power' 4. Queensryche 'Condition Hüman' 5. Riverside 'Love, Fear And the Time Machine' 6. Detonator 'Excelsior' 7. Enslaved 'In Times' 8. December XII 'Twelve Candles' 9. Borealis 'Purgatory' 10. Graveworm 'Ascending Hate' 11. Mavrin, Sergey 'Neotvratimoe (Unavoidable)' 12. Wildestarr 'A Tell Tale Heart' 13. Atland 'Marboré' 14. Moonlight Circus 'Madness in Mask' 15. Visigoth 'The Revenant King' 16. Great Discord, The 'Duende' 17. Estate 'Fantasia' 18. Native Construct 'Quiet World' 19. Alkasar 'Al'kasar' 20. SBK 'Voodoo Press'

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Sonic PulsarOut of Place


Mellow Records
ID: mals 207

Progressive Rock

It's a melancholic Progressive, special for 'nothing-but-Progressive', 'Progressive-is-forever' fans. The music is in the borders of standard Prog with the different experimental things.

Sons of LibertyBrush-Fires of the Mind


Century Media Records
ID: 8709-2

Heavy Metal

'Sons of Liberty', the speeches between the songs, what have we got also on the album? Nothing but some fade Heavy Metal with few touches of Iced Earth.

Sons of SeasonsGods of Vermin


Napalm Records
ID: irond cd 09-1603

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

Well, who does play there? Old familiar faces! So the music is also in the borders of already known German Melodic Power/Heavy with some Progressive elements.

Sons of SeasonsMagnisphyricon


Napalm Records
ID: mzr cd 487

Power Speed Progressive Metal

Partially it's Kamelot, dab Iced Earth and even Nevermore. The music is surprisingly various, it's subject not only to the different songs but the vocals also.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsTodeswunsch


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: EFA 01559-2

Folk Darkwave

This album is very close to many medieval Folk bands. This album isn't classic inconsolable Sopor Aeternus, but there are many elements of the future glory on this album.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsThe Inexperienced Spiral Traveller


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: EFA 01676-2


It's the same Sopor, the same Aeternus. It's still the same dying to violins, screams and drum-machine.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsDead Lovers' Sarabande (face 1)


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: EFA 01584-2

Melodic Darkwave

This album is very close to the top of a boundless black sorrow, but not quite. It's a prelude to the next album...

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsDead Lovers' Sarabande (face 2)


Apocalyptic Vision 

Melodic Darkwave

This is the top of Sopor Aeternus works in my opinion at this date. To say it's a sad music it's to say nothing. It's an inconsolable sorrow, close the eyes and you're welcome to dying...

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsSongs from the Inverted Womb


Apocalyptic Vision 

Melodic Darkwave

I think it's an epilogue for Dead Lovers' Sarabande, it's a sanctus with free spirit crying and the infernal memento mori with sum of everything up.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsEs Reiten die Toten So Schnell


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: EFA 01581-2

Melodic Darkwave

I'll not describe for the hundredth time what they play. I'll say that music became faster and more active, there is no heart-rending crying and funeral here anymore. Everything else is the same as usual plus not bad melodies and worthy selection of musical instruments.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsIch Töte Mich Jedesmal Aufs Neue...


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: irond cd 04-818


It's collection of demos, the music is from new wave pop to classic Sopor Aeternus sound. Yes, there are some very good tracks but in general it's trendy raw demos with many pop keys.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsLe Chambre d'Echo - Where the Dead Birds Sing


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: irond cd 04-829

Pop Melodic

It's some terrible travesty of classic sad Sopor Aeternus, I don't know what the revelry Anna-Varney makes, but these are perverted vocals and music, many very trendy keys, it's just Depeche Mode, Space (old French band), Erasure or something else like these pop bands.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsVoyager - The Jugglers of Jusa


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: irond cd 08-1517

Melodic Darkwave

It's reissued EP with another tracklist than on original EP. Almost all tracks are remixed songs and already known.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsFlowers in Formaldehyde


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: irond cd 08-1514

Melodic Darkwave

It's another mini album. It seem to me all those Sopor Aeternus EPs that I've got are more melodic semi-Folk than semi-funeral music.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsLes Fleurs du Mal - Die Blumen des Bösen


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: irond cd 08-1516

Melodic Folk

I don't know it's just a passing fancy of such sound but I like this not 'classic' crying-mourning Sopor Aeternus. It's closer to very melodious Folk with the excellent arrangements.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of ShadowsSanatorium Altrosa (Musical Therapy for Spiritual Dysfunction)


Apocalyptic Vision
ID: irond cd 08-1518

Melodic Folk Darkwave

It's another EP which belongs to the time of Les Fleurs du Mal album. So the music follows that excellent way which we have on Sopor Aeternus 2007 album.



Arise Records

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's so typical and ordinary music so I have nothing to say. There is nothing special, not even to say original there at all.

Sore PlexusVisual aGNosia



Progressive Power Metal

I don't know if it is Prog or Power mostly on this demo. In general, it's experimental music with all Prog attributes, but it's winded with Power that appeared during all this album, so... Anyway, it wasn't a copy of the other bands, they followed their own way. Their singer with his interesting vibrating voice impressed me greatly.

Sorrowful WindsThe Age of Dreams


NMC Music
ID: NMC012

Melodic Heavy Progressive Metal

How many Greeks flow away and nobody knows these men... This album unites good melodious Heavy and Prog in uncertain style. It's usual for Greeks that the guitar work and the tunes are above the others. A vocalist sometimes reminds me of Jeoff Tate.



Axe Killer
ID: 3025462

Heavy Speed Power Metal

It's a great French Metal, the music is melodious enough, strong enough, original enough. A singer sounds excellent, he's a expert at Metal vocals of 80s.



ID: 3025452

Heavy Power Metal

Everything is in French, and it is good. Again, it is the beginning of the 80s, and the music is so beautiful and heavy. A bit of Iron Maiden influnece, but much faster and heavier. The singer has very strong voice.

SortilegeLames de Heros


Axe Killer
ID: SPV 04-7557

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

Though I prefer Sortilege in native French language (this one is in English edition), this album can't run away from you, because this is another excellent work of French Metal masters! Almost all songs are very memorable with the superb ballads.

Soto, Jeff ScottThe JSS Queen Concert


Sewtoe Productions International 


No comment.

Soto, Jeff ScottLove Parade


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 1102-1219


It's Michael Jackson and Co. It's a mixture of such Americanisms, some rap elements, James Brown, Bee Gees. I can't even call it pop-rock.

Soto, Jeff ScottPrism


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 1102-1215

Funk AOR Hard Heavy Metal

Music is harder, more reliable and more interesting than that of 'Love Paradise'. You can't find here either originality or Malmsteen influences. These are just melodies for American radio.

Soto, Jeff ScottJSS Live at the Gods


Frontiers Records
ID: FR DVD 002


No comment.

Soto, Jeff ScottLost in the Translation


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 1004-2051

AOR Melodic Hard Rock

AOR is AOR. Almost no one was able to break the borders of such music, neither was Soto. It's just nice melodic music, the vocals, the guitars - everything is in the right place as usual.

Soto, Jeff ScottEssential Ballads


Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 06-dd376

Pop Hard Heavy Metal

It's a compilation of sugar Soto's songs, some of them really aren't so bad. In other respects there is nothing special on this release at all.

Soto, Jeff ScottDamage Control


Frontiers Records
ID: FR CD 545

Heavy Metal

This Heavy is in modern meaning of this style. There is a modern sound with the memorable songs, excellent guitars there. Some songs are close to modern Melodic Hard&Heavy.

Soto, Jeff ScottBeautiful Mess


Frontiers Records
ID: FR CD 392

Pop Funk Rock

I know who wrote the songs for Michael Jackson, his big family and other 'pop-music stars'. Welcome to another Jeff Scott Soto's album comprising even non-Rock songs.

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