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December 20th, 2014
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1. 4th Dimension 'Dispelling the Veil of Illusions' 2. Triptykon 'Melana Chasmata' 3. Savage Messiah 'The Fateful Dark' 4. Dagger, The 'The Dagger' 5. Burzum 'The Ways of Yore' 6. Monument 'Renegades' 7. Gilbert, Paul 'Stone Pushing Uphill' 8. Unisonic 'Light of Dawn' 9. Neopera 'Destined Ways' 10. Soulitude 'Requiem for a Dead Planet' 11. Crylord 'Gates of Valhalla' 12. Edhellen 'Sombra Y Anhelo' 13. Outloud 'Let's Get Serious' 14. Nightmare 'The Aftermath' 15. Holy Moses 'Redefined Mayhem' 16. Mekong Delta 'In a Mirror Darkly' 17. Carnivore 'Retaliation' 18. Carnivore 'Carnivore' 19. Sigh 'Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien' 20. Ibridoma 'Night Club'

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Souls of WeLet the Truth Be Known


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd743

Modern Rock

Did George Lynch decided to play with modern youth? It's something sounding in the modern style with Funk elements and with almost absolutely fade songs.

SoulsecretFlowing Portraits


Progrock Records 

Progressive Metal

These Italians perform Progressive in US style - it's like a mixture of Dream Theater and Spock's Beard with the dominating keys parts. This music aren't beyond the scope of the style.

SoulspellThe Labyrinth of Truths


Inner Wound Recordings
ID: IW83009

Melodic Power Metal

What try to prove the persons with other Metal fkn operas? It's just again the same average (not bright) music with many invited musicians.

Sound of SilenceSpiritual Journey


Sleaszy Rider Records
ID: SR-0015

Progressive Metal

Greeks can make decent product even from common Prog. In general they just decorate classic Prog sound by some original ideas and non-standard Prog sound. They've got their own style.

Sound of Thunder, AOut of the Darkness



Heavy Power Metal

Please welcome the band that begins the album with Stoner and continues with Heavy/Power! There are the female vocals also so there is even a track in Folk stile a-la Blackmore's Night.

SoyuzKrasnyy Svet / Red Light



Hard Heavy Metal

This release is somewhere between Heavy and AOR, some tracks are very good Heavy/Hard&Heavy, but some tracks are close to bored AOR. Anyway, this band couldn't wait for a big success with such music.

Space OdysseyEmbrace the Galaxy


Regain Records
ID: RR 0309-035

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

I hoped to hear something different, but it's again Majestic or in other words it's Malmsteen + Royal Hunt. It's (...yawning) music within the borders of other similar bands' music with some good tunes and solos (...yawning again).

Space OdysseyAstral Episode


Regain Records
ID: cdm 0705-2340

Melodic Progressive Speed Power Metal

It's faster than Malmsteen and it's more progressive than Symphony X - this is two main points of this album. The music really became Progressive with many rhythm changes but didn't loose melodiousness of the previous work.

Space OdysseyTears of the Sun


Regain Records
ID: cdm 0107-2669

Melodic Heavy Progressive Metal

It's some type of slow Heavy, even Hard&Heavy. It seems the music hasn't a good mind to be faster and more various, it's a slow though sometimes powerful music, monotonous at first view.

Spastic InkInk Compatible


Electric Electric
ID: EE 2004

experimental Progressive Metal

It's experimental music from the beginning to the end, it could be good release for Magna Carta. I bought it because of the well-known lineup, I just wanted to know what else they can do?

Speckmann ProjectSpeckmann Project


Nuclear Blast
ID: 056 CD

Death Thrash Metal

This is another surprise to find a project of early Death Metal, with the technique guitars, even with a bit Progressive sound. It's a splendid godsend for those who like complex early Death.

SpecterImages of the Innocent


Valiant Music Productions
ID: VMP-002

Progressive Heavy Metal

The band is called by the name of Boris Spector, a singer. But his vocals maybe would be better somewhere in Gothic because he sounds like Angizia's male vocals or similar ones. Anyway, it's very good Prog with melodic and Power elements. By flute sound it's close to Psychotic Waltz.

Speed-Kill-HateActs of Insanity


Listenable Records
ID: cdm 0605-2296

Thrash Metal

This is really aggressive and really fast Thrash Metal. In comparison with the original band - Overkill - this work is closer to Thrash roots than late Overkill.

SpeeedPowertrip Pigs


Massacre Records
ID: MAS CD0211

Thrash Power Doom Progressive Metal

There were many bands in the world which attempted to unite Power and Doom, Thrash and Progressive, but this band took it at once upon itself. This album was the result of this work. I can't say it's the best decision in such way, but it's not bad at least.

SpellblastRay of Time



Melodic Power Heavy Metal

This demo album demonstrates us Italian Power Metal in the classic traditions passing from band to band. Is there the difference? I don't think so, it's better to say that after huge amount of Italian Power Metal bands I can't rapturously tell about another Italian band that plays not bad music with the good guitars and some nice tunes.



ID: sbt003

Melodic Speed Power Folk Metal

Indeed it's more than Melodic Speed&Power. It's a mixture of Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, epical acts like Manilla Road, some Folk Power like Elvenking and everything's based on classic Italian Metal.

SpellblastHorns of Silence


Metal Crusade Productions 

Melodic Power Metal

In comparison with their early demo that I've already got, it's very good Melodic Power with unostentatious Folk elements. It sounds like a mixture of Rhapsody+Elvenking and Gamma Ray.

Spellbound (Sweden)Breaking the Spell


Sonet Records
ID: SMCD 2/527 524-2

Hard Heavy Metal

It's the vocals mixture of Udo, Mustaine, Biff Byford, and many others. Actually it's a traditional music with a typical sound of that time.

Spellbound (Sweden)Rockin' Reckless


Sonet Records
ID: SNTCD 952/527 526-2

Hard Heavy Metal

This work isn't very much different from debut band's album. It's more Hard than Heavy music with a typical and some cheesy sound.

SpellcasterUnder the Spell


Heavy Artillery Records
ID: HA5502221

Speed Heavy Metal

It's the bright moments from US Speed of 80s. Everything worthy from that music you can recall is made flesh in Spellcaster's songs.

Spheric Universe ExperienceAnima


Replica Records
ID: RPL045

Progressive Metal

It's powerful enough Progressive in Dream Theater and Symphony X traditions. It could be an interesting music but for a typical music that I already heard many times.



Days End Records
ID: CD - 1503

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's typical for Spanish Melodic Metal band on Spanish language. It's just another nice band from Spain, without anything special in the music.

SpiegelPortrait of a Human Soul


Bizzare Productions 

Speed Heavy Death Progressive Metal

Everything's ok, but the vocals - they're usual growls, that doesn't allow to associate this band with the army of Speed&Power. Everything's almost by style standards but everything's an exception to other styles in this music. It's really good, original and melodic music.

Spiral ArchitectA Sceptic's Universe


Sensory Records
ID: SR3008

Progressive Metal

It's neither melodic nor classic Prog music, it's just another experimental Prog band. I don't like this sort of music, the experiments are the experiments but I prefer the harmonious experiments.

Spirit HeavenAria's Kingdom


Megahard Records
ID: MHR 047

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

This band plays classic Brazilian Melodic Metal, that based on the good guitars and various vocals lines. I can't say that this band is original, it is just good for listening.

Spirit WebSpirit Web


Stentorian Records 

Progressive Power Metal

Maybe, you know many bands which play music in spirit of Fates Warning, this band surprises me. It's powerful Fates Warning version, probably it's like Fates Warning and Nevermore mixture. Music is not only Progressive but also melodic, it's really unforgettable band.

SpitfireFirst Attack


Unisound Records
ID: 7243 5 37867 2 4

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's classic European Melodic Heavy of 80s. It sometimes resembles me The Scorpions, Accept, Dio and early Queensryche / Iron Maiden a bit. The music and the tunes are very good, the guitar works are good enough.

Spitfire (Italy)Time And Eternity


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-054

Heavy Metal

It's simply excellent melodious Heavy in the traditions of 80s. It unites Running Wild, not very slow Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dio, etc in the music along with the superb guitars.

Spock's BeardThe Light


Sydney Productions

Art Rock

It's a soft and formless mixture of Pink Floyd, Maryllion, Gypsy Kings and something else.

Spock's BeardBeware of Darkness


Giant Electric Pea (GEP) 

Progressive Metal

It's well-known Spock's Beard branded style, not vet heavy, not very boring, not very cheerful Progressive.

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