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December 19th, 2014
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1. 4th Dimension 'Dispelling the Veil of Illusions' 2. Triptykon 'Melana Chasmata' 3. Savage Messiah 'The Fateful Dark' 4. Dagger, The 'The Dagger' 5. Burzum 'The Ways of Yore' 6. Monument 'Renegades' 7. Gilbert, Paul 'Stone Pushing Uphill' 8. Unisonic 'Light of Dawn' 9. Neopera 'Destined Ways' 10. Soulitude 'Requiem for a Dead Planet' 11. Crylord 'Gates of Valhalla' 12. Edhellen 'Sombra Y Anhelo' 13. Outloud 'Let's Get Serious' 14. Nightmare 'The Aftermath' 15. Holy Moses 'Redefined Mayhem' 16. Mekong Delta 'In a Mirror Darkly' 17. Carnivore 'Retaliation' 18. Carnivore 'Carnivore' 19. Sigh 'Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien' 20. Ibridoma 'Night Club'

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Star QueenFaithbringer


Lion Music
ID: LMC2228 2

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

Heavy with female vocals isn't a rarity nowadays. Especially when we have a band without any innovation in the music - the forgettable songs along with female voices.

StarbreakerLoves Dying Wish


Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 08-dd653


The band has another album but I already are not going to get it. It's trendy Hard Rock/AOR, probably with some Queensryche touches and with very bored for me music.

StargazerThe Genesis of the Prophecy


Virtuoso Records 

Melodic Heavy Metal

I read Arthur Falcone was a guitar teacher for Luca Turilli (Rhapsody of Fire) so some fast Stargazer's songs could be compared with Rhapsody (of Fire), or vice versa. It's Melodic Heavy in few words with some Malmsteen-like songs style (not guitars), with very interesting sound, memorable songs and the perfect guitar work.

StargazeryEye on the Sky


Pure Legend Records
ID: RBNCD-1040

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's not fast melodious music that reminds me of Stratovarius very much. There are really good and interesting songs along with the perfect musicians' work.

StarsoupBazaar of Wonders


Metalism Records
ID: sr 026-13

Melodic Progressive Metal Hard Rock

It's a graceful enough music with some interesting songs. Actually there are more acoustic or Rock parts than anything else.

Staryy GorodVolch'ya Yama (Pitfall)


ID: cdm 0111-2998/2999

Heavy Metal

It's an absolutely underground music by the sound: the echoed vocals, guitar, some rhythm and that's all as a matter of fact. The bonus CD with the live album consists of even more interesting material I think.

StatusIspoved' / Confession


Melodiya Record Company
ID: C60 29549 008

Hard Heavy Metal

As well as the other bands it's not very original, but good enough band, which plays Hard&Heavy based on classic Hard Rock influences. The music's good, at least there are some not bad tracks on this album.

StayaStrana L'dov (The Country of the Ice)


ID: fo500cd

Heavy Power Metal

Many Heavy Metal bands from Russia and the nearest countries are cut out by the one sample - local band Ariya. Ariya is good but not original band at all, so what can we say about the bands which are similar to not primary band? Nevertheless, this album presents us not bad music, especially I can distinguish the ballads and the fast songs.

Steel AggressorFrom Ruins to Dust


Stormspell Records

Thrash Metal

No, it's not well-known Thrash, it's something more. The music is various and interesting and of course it doesn't sound like early Metallica!

Steel AssassinFrom the Vaults


GME Records
ID: 8803005

Heavy Speed Metal

All this flow of the historical music comes down on me. I don't know maybe it's something like a mixture of Iron Maiden, very early Savatage, very early Stratovarius and classic Candlemass. Sometimes it's a bit boring because of Candlemass influences though there are very good fast tracks on this album.

Steel AssassinWar of the Eight Saints


Sentinel Steel
ID: SSTEEL 63020

Power Metal

The first moments of this album say that they made hay of you. But then the music returned to not fast songs, bored a bit, it seems it's like on the first release.

Steel AssassinWWII: Metal of Honor


ID: S.A.R. 02

Heavy Metal

What do I Hear?! An average album from the band with the glorious past? This work is powerful Heavy with just few good songs during this long album.

Steel AttackWhere Mankinds Fails


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0801-645

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This album doesn't differ from other standard Melodic Speed&Power albums in German way style. Sometimes Manowar, Iron Maiden and Running Wild elements break this music through.

Steel AttackFall into the Madness


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0801-646

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This album is close to be Gamma Ray clone with some Heavens Gate elements. Probably, it's Freedom Call and Edguy brother because of its cheesy songs.

Steel AttackPredator of the Empire


Arise Records
ID: irond cd 03-478

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Unlike other Melodic Speed&Power this album is very strong and fast. This album reminds me of Gamma Ray (of late years) very much. I'd like to note very good vocal and the guitar works.

Steel AttackEnslaved


Arise Records
ID: cdm 1004-2073

Speed Power Metal

...And the attack continues endlessly... The band exactly continues its fast and strong music way. Everything else is the same - no originality and labored music.

Steel AttackDiabolic Symphony


Massacre Records
ID: myst cd 130

Melodic Power Progressive Metal

Don't ask me how many albums of an ordinary music are in the world and how many such albums will wait to drop down on our heads. Steel Attack isn't a bad band, their music is high-skilled, but it's tired to listen to the monotonous music from album to album...

Steel AttackCarpe DiEnd


Massacre Records
ID: irond cd 08-1427

Power Progressive Metal

At last the band devoted energies to compose more or less interesting music. This is really good album, powerful with Progressive elements and lots of non-typical decisions.

Steel HorseWild Power


Stormspell Records

Heavy Metal

It's good modern Heavy without modern trends. The music has everything but an originality so it's just another good Heavy Metal band of the modern age.

Steel ProphetInner Ascendance


Steve Kachinsky Records 

Speed Power Metal

It's a demo. And this demo is an extremely good one. In fact it's all the same that was later musically (stylistically) used. And how hard their singer tried! They are just fine fellows!

Steel ProphetThe Goddess Principle


ID: 50401

Speed Power Metal

It's still raw enough album but this music is already the powerful music that I like.

Steel ProphetDark Hallucinations


Nuclear Blast 

Power Metal

This music sounds in spirit of Queensryche with Speed elements of 80s like Agent Steel.

Steel ProphetMessiah


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 436-2


Steel ProphetBook of the Dead


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 01-41


Steel ProphetUnseen


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 02-328

Power Metal

It's their best album, tunes and originality are up to the mark, guitar works are excellent.

Steel ProphetBeware


Massacre Records
ID: amg 194

Power Speed Thrash Metal

It's very good to listen to such music. It's fast enough, sometimes even Thrashy, there are many unexpected solos, rhythm changes, there are no trendy tunes and riffs, etc. there, so the band knows what I want.

Steel SealBy the Power of Thunder


Underground Symphony
ID: US CD-096

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

It's funny, but it's something between Royal Hunt and Artension; it's funny twice, it's not because of John West but because of DC Cooper on the vocals. So it's Royal Hunt's vocals and choirs and Artension sound including keys. I know exactly - every band where DC cooper sings is the band with the admirable music.

Steel WarriorArmy of the Time


Hellion Records
ID: HEL0121

Speed Metal

It's rare event again when music is similar to Running Wild, to their outstanding vigour and activity. Sometimes music turns to Iron Savior. The vocals and guitars are great that is in the usual run for Brazilians.



Mausoleum Records
ID: 704130.2

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

The sound is raw enough but the guitar solos are in already well-known style.

SteelerStrike Back


ID: SPV 85-1861

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

The sound is raw enough but the guitar solos are in already well-known style.

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