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April 24th, 2019
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Musicians activity

Jorg Michael (Gordon Perkins)

Birthday is: 27.03.1963

Der Riss "They All Do What Their Image Says'1983"
Metal Sword "Harder Than Steel'1985"
Raymen, The "Going Down to Death Valley'1985"
Avenger "Prayers of Steel'1985"
Avenger "Depraved to Black'1985"
Rage "Reign of Fear'1986"
100 Names "100 Names'1986"
Rage "Execution Guaranteed'1987"
Mekong Delta "Mekong Delta'1987"
Mekong Delta "The Gnome'1987"
Mekong Delta "The Music of Erich Zann'1988"
Laos "Laos'1989"
Mekong Delta "The Principle of Doubt'1989"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Wild Obsession'1989"
Headhunter "Parody of Life'1990"
Mekong Delta "Dances of Death (And Other Walking Shadows)'1990"
Laos "We Want It'1990"
Mekong Delta "Live at an Exhibition'1991"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Nasty Reputation'1991"
Headhunter "A Bizarre Gardening Accident'1992"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Eternal Prisoner'1992"
Laos "More Than a Feeling'1993"
Sak Sok "First Lesson of Tatar'1993"
Schwarzarbeit "James Gordon's Story'1993"
Laos "Come Tomorrow'1993"
Grave Digger "The Reaper'1993"
Grave Digger "Symphony of Death'1993"
Running Wild "The Privateer'1994"
Glenmore "For the Sake of Truth'1994"
House of Spirits "Turn of the Tide'1994"
Headhunter "Rebirth'1994"
Running Wild "Black Hand Inn'1994"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Between the Walls'1994"
Rage "10 Years in Rage'1994"
Running Wild "Masquerade'1995"
Butler, Andreas "Achterbahn Fahrn'1995"
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel) "Ein Schoner Tag...'1995"
Stratovarius "Episode'1996"
Stratovarius "Will the Sunrise?'1996"
Stratovarius "Father Time'1996"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Black Moon Pyramid'1996"
Stratovarius "Visions'1997"
Schwarzarbeit "Works'1997"
U.P. "Mindfailure'1997"
Stratovarius "The Kiss of Judas'1997"
Stratovarius "Black Diamond'1997"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Magic'1997"
Stratovarius "Visions of Europe'1998"
Andy & the Traceelords "Pussy!'1998"
Running Wild "The Rivalry'1998"
Stratovarius "S.O.S.'1998"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Oceans of Time'1998"
Stratovarius "Destiny'1998"
Various Artists "Die Herzensbrecher - Seid Glücklich Und Mehret Euch!'1998"
House of Spirits "Psychosphere'1999"
U.P. "Absorbed'1999"
Stratovarius "Hunting High and Low'2000"
Stratovarius "Infinite'2000"
Stratovarius "It's a Mystery'2000"
Stratovarius "A Million Light Years Away'2000"
Infinity "Infinity'2001"
Stratovarius "Intermission'2001"
Stratovarius "Eagle Heart'2002"
Der Bote "demo'2003"
Stratovarius "Elements part 1'2003"
Stratovarius "I Walk to My Own Song'2003"
Stratovarius "Elements part 2'2003"
Saxon "Lionheart'2004"
Der Bote "Kalt!'2005"
Kaledon "Chapter 3: The Way of the Light'2005"
Stratovarius "Maniac Dance'2005"
Stratovarius "Stratovarius'2005"
Stratovarius "Revolution Renaissance'2008"
Headhunter "Parasite of Society'2008"
Stratovarius "Deep Unknown'2009"
Stratovarius "Polaris'2009"
Stratovarius "Darkest Hours'2010"
Stratovarius "Elysium'2011"
Devil's Train "Devil's Train'2012"
Stratovarius "Unbreakable'2013"
Heavatar "Opus I - All My Kingdoms'2013"
Devil's Train "Devil's Train II'2015"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Magic Moments'2015"
Heavatar "Opus II - The Annihilation'2018"

Avenger| Devil's Train| Headhunter| Living Death| U.P.| Der Riss| House of Spirits| Heavatar
used to play in: Grave Digger
used to play in: Mekong Delta
used to play in: Rage
used to play in: Running Wild
used to play in: Stratovarius
used to play in: Paganini
used to play in: V2

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