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April 20th, 2019
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Musicians activity

Anders Allhage (Andy LaRocque)

Birthday is: 29.11.1962

Ericsson Fish Band "One Night Stand'1985"
King Diamond "No Presents for Christmas'1985"
King Diamond "Fatal Portrait'1986"
King Diamond "Abigail'1987"
King Diamond "The Family Ghost'1987"
King Diamond "Them'1988"
King Diamond "The Dark Sides'1988"
King Diamond "Conspiracy'1989"
King Diamond "Eye of the Witch / Behind These Walls'1990"
King Diamond "The Eye'1990"
King Diamond "Live in Concert 87 (Abigail Live)'1991"
Death "Individual Thought Patterns'1993"
King Diamond "The Spider's Lullabye'1995"
At the Gates "Slaughter of the Soul'1995"
King Diamond "The Graveyard'1996"
Midvinter "At the Sight of the Apocalypse'1997"
Gutrix "Mushroom Songs'1997"
Evergrey "The Dark Discovery'1998"
King Diamond "Voodoo'1998"
Illwill "Evilution'1999"
Furious Trauma "Roll the Dice'1999"
Notre Dame "Abbatoir, Abbatoir du Noir'1999"
King Diamond "Massacre Shape Classix vol. 4 King Diamond'1999"
King Diamond "House of God'2000"
Dimmu Borgir "Puritanical Euphobic Misanthropia'2001"
King Diamond "Abigail II: The Revenge'2002"
Falconer "Chapters from a Vale Forlorn'2002"
Falconer "The Sceptre of Deception'2003"
Eidolon "Apostles of Defiance'2003"
King Diamond "The Puppet Master'2003"
King Diamond "Deadly Lullabyes Live'2004"
Sandalinas "Living on the Edge'2005"
Griffin "Lifeforce'2005"
Various Artists "Roadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions'2005"
Yyrkoon "Unhealthy Opera'2006"
King Diamond "Give Me Your Soul... Please'2007"
Eyefear "A World Full of Grey'2007"
Sandalinas "Fly to the Sun'2008"
X-World5 "New Universal Order'2008"
After All "Cult of Sin'2009"
Dreamland "Exit 49'2009"
Disasterpeace "Disasterpeace'2009"
Darzamat "Solfernus' Path'2009"
Imagika "Portrait of a Hanged Man'2010"
Witchery "Witchkrieg'2010"
Maryann Cotton "Shock Me'2011"
Critical Solution "Evidence of Things Unseen'2011"
Maryann Cotton "Get It On'2011"
Snowy Shaw "Snowy Shaw Is Alive!'2012"
Deadlands "Evilution'2012"
Maryann Cotton "Free Falling Angels'2012"
Sylencer "A Lethal Dose of Truth'2012"
Enraged "It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power'2012"
Maryann Cotton "Into Eternity'2015"
Shadowside "Shades of Humanity'2017"

King Diamond| Illwill| X-World5
used to play in: Epizootic
used to play in: Swedish Erotica

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