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February 24th, 2019
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Musicians activity

Matthias Lasch (Mat Sinner)

Birthday is: 16.10.1963

Wir Gegen Alle "Charity'?"
Shiva "Crossfire'1980"
Hanselmann, David "Somebody's Watching You'1982"
Sinner "Wild 'n' Evil'1982"
Sinner "Fast Decision'1983"
Sinner "Danger Zone'1984"
Sinner "Touch of Sin'1985"
Sinner "Comin' Out Fighting'1986"
Sinner "Dangerous Charm'1987"
Sinner, Mat "Back to the Bullet'1990"
Sinner "No More Alibis'1992"
Mr. Perfect "Fasten Seat-Belts'1993"
Sinner "Respect'1993"
Heat, The "The Heat'1994"
Sinner "Bottom Line'1995"
Heat, The "Goldfinger'1996"
Sinner "Judgement Day'1997"
Primal Fear "Primal Fear'1998"
Sinner "The Nature of Evil'1998"
Primal Fear "Jaws of Death'1999"
Sinner "The End of Sanctuary'2000"
Primal Fear "Nuclear Fire'2001"
Primal Fear "Out in the Fields'2001"
Various Artists "German Rock Stars - Wings of Freedom'2001"
Primal Fear "Horrorscope'2001"
Hammerfall "Crimson Thunder'2002"
Primal Fear "Black Sun'2002"
Renstrom, Rick "Until the Bitter End'2003"
Sinner "There Will Be Execution'2003"
Primal Fear "The History of Fear'2003"
Primal Fear "Metal Is Forever'2004"
Primal Fear "Devil's Ground'2004"
Cans "Beyond the Gates'2004"
Tribuzy, Renato "Execution'2005"
Primal Fear "Seven Seals'2005"
Vengeance "Back in the Ring'2006"
Sinner "Mask of Sanity'2007"
Goddess Shiva "Goddess Shiva'2007"
Tribuzy, Renato "Execution - Live Reunion'2007"
Primal Fear "New Religion'2007"
Sinner "Crash & Burn'2008"
Driver "Sons of Thunder'2008"
Voodoo Circle "Voodoo Circle'2008"
Primal Fear "16.6'2009"
Primal Fear "16.6 - All Over the World'2010"
Primal Fear "Live in the USA'2010"
Kiske Somerville "Kiske Somerville'2010"
Phenomena "Blind Faith'2010"
Crystal Viper "Legends'2010"
Scheepers, Ralf "Scheepers'2011"
Voodoo Circle "Broken Heart Syndrome'2011"
Wolfpakk "Wolfpakk'2011"
Sinner "One Bullet Left'2011"
Primal Fear "Bad Guys Wear Black'2011"
Primal Fear "Unbreakable'2012"
Phenomena "Awakening'2012"
Majesty (Germany) "Thunder Rider'2013"
Voodoo Circle "More Than One Way Home'2013"
Sinner "Touch of Sin 2'2013"
Primal Fear "When Death Comes Knocking'2013"
Silent Force "Rising from Ashes'2013"
Primal Fear "Delivering the Black'2014"
Level 10 "Chapter One'2015"
Kiske Somerville "City of Heroes'2015"
Voodoo Circle "Whisky Fingers'2015"
Primal Fear "Rulebreaker'2016"

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