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March 21st, 2019
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Musicians activity

Sascha Paeth

Heavens Gate "In Control'1989"
Heavens Gate "Livin' in Hysteria'1991"
Heavens Gate "Open the Gate And Watch!'1991"
Heavens Gate "More Hysteria'1992"
Heavens Gate "Hell for Sale!'1992"
Viper "Evolution'1992"
Angra "Angels Cry'1993"
Viper "Vipera Sapiens'1993"
Gamma Ray "Insanity And Genius'1993"
Heavens Gate "Live for Sale!'1993"
Glenmore "For the Sake of Truth'1994"
Angra "Evil Warning'1994"
Lanzer "Under a Different Sun'1995"
Gamma Ray "Rebellion in Dreamland'1995"
Sieges Even "Sophisticated'1995"
Gamma Ray "Land of the Free'1995"
Sargant Fury "Turn the Page'1995"
Heavens Gate "Planet E.'1996"
Angra "Holy Land'1996"
Angra "Freedom Call'1996"
Heavens Gate "In the Mood'1997"
Rhapsody "Legendary Tales'1997"
Angra "Fireworks'1998"
Rhapsody "Emerald Sword'1998"
Rhapsody "Symphony of Enchanted Lands'1998"
Heavens Gate "Menergy'1999"
Turilli, Luca "The Ancient Forest of Elves'1999"
Turilli, Luca "King of the Nordic Twilight'1999"
Mob Rules "Temple of Two Suns'2000"
Kamelot "The Fourth Legacy'2000"
Gigantor "Back to the Rockets'2000"
Virgo "Virgo'2001"
Helloise "Fata Morgana'2001"
Kamelot "Karma'2001"
Rhapsody "Power of the Dragonflame'2002"
Shaman "Ritual'2002"
Turilli, Luca "Demonheart'2002"
Turilli, Luca "Prophet of the Last Eclipse'2002"
Kamelot "Epica'2003"
Consortium Project "Consortium Project III - Terra Incognita (The Undiscovered World)'2003"
Aina "Days of Rising Doom / The Story of Aina'2003"
Shaman "RituaLive'2004"
Shaman "RituaLive (DVD)'2004"
Kamelot "The Black Halo'2005"
Epica "Consign to Oblivion'2005"
Turilli, Luca "The Infinite Wonders of Creation'2006"
Dreamquest "Virus'2006"
Dreamquest "Lost Horizons'2006"
Redkey "Rage of Fire'2006"
Kamelot "Ghost Opera'2007"
Epica "The Divine Conspiracy'2007"
Avantasia "Lost in Space pt.1/pt.2'2007"
Avantasia "The Scarecrow'2008"
Lunatica "New Shores'2009"
Somerville, Amanda "Windows'2009"
Matos, Andre "Mentalize'2009"
Hartmann "3'2009"
Avantasia "The Wicked Symphony / Angel of Babylon'2010"
Rhapsody of Fire "The Frozen Tears of Angels'2010"
Kamelot "Poetry for the Poisoned'2010"
Rhapsody of Fire "The Cold Embrace of Fear - A Dark Romantic Symphony'2010"
Edguy "Age of the Joker'2011"
Trillium "Alloy'2011"
Kamelot "Silverthorn'2012"
Avantasia "The Mystery of Time'2013"
Kamelot "Haven'2015"
Avantasia "Ghostlights'2016"
Kamelot "The Shadow Theory'2018"

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