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March 19th, 2019
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Musicians activity

Peter Wagner (Peavy)

Birthday is: 22.12.1964

Der Riss "They All Do What Their Image Says'1983"
Avenger "Prayers of Steel'1985"
Avenger "Depraved to Black'1985"
Rage "Reign of Fear'1986"
Rage "Execution Guaranteed'1987"
Rage "Perfect Man'1988"
Rage "Invisible Horizons'1989"
Rage "Secrets in a Weird World'1989"
Rage "Reflections of a Shadow'1990"
Rage "Extended Power'1991"
Rage "Trapped!'1992"
Rage "Beyond the Wall'1992"
Rage "The Missing Link'1993"
Rage "The Video Link'1993"
Rage "Refuge'1993"
Rage "10 Years in Rage'1994"
Rage "Black in Mind'1995"
Rage "The Crawling Chaos'1995"
Rage "Lingua Mortis'1996"
Pell, Axel Rudi "Black Moon Pyramid'1996"
Rage "End of All Days'1996"
Rage "Higher Than the Sky'1997"
Rage "Live from the Vault'1997"
Casus Belli "promo 1'1998"
Rage "From the Cradle to the Grave'1998"
Rage "XIII'1998"
Rage "In Vain Acoustic'1998"
Rage "In Vain edit I'1998"
Rage "In Vain edit II'1998"
Rage "In Vain edit III'1998"
Rage "Ghosts (demo)'1999"
Rage "Ghosts'1999"
Smolski, Victor "The Heretic'2000"
GB Arts "The Lake'2001"
Rage "Welcome to the Other Side'2001"
Mob Rules "Hollowed Be Thy Name'2002"
Rage "Unity'2002"
Rage "Soundchaser (demo)'2003"
Rage "Soundchaser'2003"
Rage "Live & Unplugged'2003"
Rage "20 Years Anniversary - From the Cradle to the Stage'2004"
Smolski, Victor "Majesty & Passion'2004"
Destruction "Inventor of Evil'2005"
Darksun "El Lado Oscuro'2006"
Rage "Full Moon'2006"
Rage "Speak of the Dead'2006"
Arrow, The "Hranitel' Dush (Keeper of Souls)'2006"
Rage "Full Moon in st. Petersburg (CD)'2007"
Various Artists "Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light'2007"
Darksun "The Dark Side'2007"
Bassinvaders "Hellbassbeaters'2008"
Rage "Carved in Stone'2008"
Arrow, The "Lady Nite'2008"
Rage "Gib Dich Nie Auf'2009"
Destruction "The Curse of the Antichrist - Live in Agony'2009"
Rage "Into the Light / Purified'2010"
Rage "Strings to a Web'2010"
Rage "21'2012"
Darksun "Memento Mori'2012"
Rage "LMO'2013"
Subsignal "The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime'2015"
Rage "My Way'2016"
Rage "The Devil Strikes Again'2016"
Rage "Blackened Karma'2017"
Rage "Seasons of the Black'2017"

Rage| Avenger| Der Riss
used to play in: Mekong Delta

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