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March 19th, 2019
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Musicians activity

Al Pitrelli

Birthday is: 26.09.1962

Summer, Henry Lee "Henry Lee Summer'1987"
Summer, Henry Lee "I've Got Everything'1989"
Coven, Randy "Funk Me Tender'1989"
Coven, Randy "Sammy Says Ouch'1990"
Summer, Henry Lee "Way Past Midnight'1991"
Troccoli, Kathy "Pure Attraction'1991"
Asia "Aqua'1992"
Expose "Expose'1992"
Widowmaker "Blood And Bullets'1992"
Dayne, Taylor "Soul Dancing'1992"
Coven-Pitrelli-Reilly "Coven, Pitrelli, O. Reilly'1992"
Asia "Aria'1994"
Widowmaker "Stand by for Pain'1994"
Ten Ton Tide "Ten Ton Tide'1994"
Morning Wood "Morning Wood'1994"
Savatage "Dead Winter Dead'1995"
Turner, Joe Lynn "Nothing's Changed'1995"
Place Called Rage "Place Called Rage'1995"
Savatage "Dead Winter Dead (single)'1995"
Stevens, TM "Boom'1995"
Savatage "Doesn't Matter Anyway'1995"
Alice Cooper "Classicks'1995"
Vertex "Vertex'1996"
Savatage "One Child (Atlantic promo)'1996"
Savatage "One Child (Edel promo)'1996"
Stevens, TM "Sticky Wicked'1996"
Stevens, TM "Only You'1996"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve And Other Stories'1996"
Turner, Joe Lynn "Under Cover'1997"
Ellis, Michael "Slice of Life'1997"
Flesh And Blood "Blues for Daze'1997"
Mojo Bros. "Mojo Bros.'1997"
Savatage "The Wake of Magellan'1997"
MVP "Windows'1997"
Turner, Joe Lynn "Hurry Up And Wait'1998"
Digi Wni "No Future'1998"
Savatage "Turns to Me'1998"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "The Christmas Attic'1998"
Turner, Joe Lynn "Under Cover 2'1999"
Albert Carey Project "Ten Cents Short of a Dime'1999"
Bob Pressner Band, The "Riding the Wave'1999"
Stevens, TM "Radioactive'1999"
Doro "Calling the Wild'2000"
Turner, Joe Lynn "Holy Man'2000"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Beethoven's Last Night'2000"
Megadeth "The World Needs a Hero'2001"
Savatage "Drive'2001"
Savatage "Poets And Madmen'2001"
Savatage "Commissar'2001"
Stevens, TM "Shocka Zooloo'2001"
Einstein "Einstein Too'2001"
Coven, Randy "Witch Way'2002"
Turner, Joe Lynn "JLT'2003"
O'2L "O'2L'2003"
Van Helsing's Curse "Oculus Infernum: A Halloween Tale'2004"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "The Lost Christmas Eve'2004"
Turner, Joe Lynn "The Usual Suspects'2005"
O'2L "Doyle's Brunch'2005"
O'2L "Eat a Pickle'2007"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Night Castle'2009"
Soto, Jeff Scott "Inside the Vertigo'2015"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Letters from the Labyrinth'2015"
Soto, Jeff Scott "Divak'2016"

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used to play in: Danger Danger

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