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March 20th, 2019
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Musicians activity

Jens Johansson

Birthday is: 02.11.1963

Silver Mountain "Shakin' Brains'1983"
Rising Force "Rising Force'1984"
Rising Force "Marching Out'1985"
Malmsteen, Yngwie "Trilogy'1986"
Rising Force "Odyssey'1988"
Borelius, Erik "Fantasy'1988"
Dio "Lock Up the Wolves'1990"
Dio "Time Machine'1990"
Johansson, Jens "Fjaderlosa Tvafotingar'1991"
Deadline (Sweden) "Dissident'1991"
Ross, Stephen "Midnight Drive'1991"
RAF "Ode to a Tractor'1992"
Johansson, Anders "Shu-Tka'1992"
Baker, Ginger "Unseen Rain'1992"
Shining Path "No Other World'1993"
Snake Charmer "Smoke And Mirrors'1993"
Johansson Brothers, The "The Johansson Brothers'1994"
MacAlpine, Tony "Premonition'1994"
Bulldog "The Return of Mr. Nasty'1994"
Blennerhed, Robert "Seven'1994"
Jonas Hellborg Group "e'1994"
Johansson, Jens "Ten Seasons'1995"
Stratovarius "Episode'1996"
Johansson "Sonic Winter'1996"
Stratovarius "Will the Sunrise?'1996"
Stratovarius "Father Time'1996"
Malmsteen, Yngwie "Inspiration'1996"
Stratovarius "Visions'1997"
Johansson, Anders - Johansson, Jens - Holdsworth, Allan "Heavy Machinery'1997"
Ita Saksa "Let's Kompromise'1997"
Johansson, Anders "Red Shift'1997"
Stratovarius "The Kiss of Judas'1997"
Stratovarius "Black Diamond'1997"
Stratovarius "Visions of Europe'1998"
Mastermind "Excelsior!'1998"
Johansson, Jens "Fission'1998"
Stratovarius "S.O.S.'1998"
Stratovarius "Destiny'1998"
Snake Charmer "Backyard Boogaloo'1998"
Johansson "The Last Viking'1999"
Grapow, Roland "Kaleidoscope'1999"
Blackmore's Night "Under a Violet Moon'1999"
Jansson, Benny "Flume Ride'1999"
Stratovarius "Hunting High and Low'2000"
Johansson "Sonic Winter / The Johansson Brothers'2000"
Mastermind "Angels of the Apocalypse'2000"
Stratovarius "Infinite'2000"
Stratovarius "It's a Mystery'2000"
Stratovarius "A Million Light Years Away'2000"
Silver Mountain "Breakin' Chains'2001"
Stratovarius "Intermission'2001"
Einstein "Einstein Too'2001"
Hammerfall "Crimson Thunder'2002"
West, Andy "Rama 1'2002"
Star One "Space Metal'2002"
Jansson, Benny "Save the World'2002"
Stratovarius "Eagle Heart'2002"
Stratovarius "Elements part 1'2003"
Sonata Arctica "Winterheart's Guild'2003"
Stratovarius "I Walk to My Own Song'2003"
Stratovarius "Elements part 2'2003"
Barilari "Barilari'2003"
Aina "Days of Rising Doom / The Story of Aina'2003"
Spastic Ink "Ink Compatible'2004"
Kamelot "The Black Halo'2005"
Atomic Soul "Russell Allen's Atomic Soul'2005"
Andersson, Richard "The Ultimate Andersson Collection'2005"
Stratovarius "Maniac Dance'2005"
Stratovarius "Stratovarius'2005"
Nocturnal Rites "Grand Illusion'2005"
Friedman, Marty "Loudspeaker'2006"
Mehida "Blood & Water'2007"
Stratovarius "Revolution Renaissance'2008"
Hammerfall "No Sacrifice, No Victory'2009"
Stratovarius "Deep Unknown'2009"
Stratovarius "Polaris'2009"
Sentiment "From Here to Ever After'2009"
Stygia "Divine Allegiance'2010"
Mastermind "Insomnia'2010"
Avantasia "The Wicked Symphony / Angel of Babylon'2010"
Amberian Dawn "End of Eden'2010"
Stratovarius "Darkest Hours'2010"
Stratovarius "Elysium'2011"
Amberian Dawn "Circus Black'2012"
Stratovarius "Unbreakable'2013"
Stratovarius "Nemesis'2013"
Avalon (Finland) "The Land of New Hope'2013"
Amberian Dawn "Re-Evolution'2013"
Friedman, Marty "Inferno'2014"
Cain's Offering "Stormcrow'2015"
Stratovarius "Eternal'2015"
Arch Enemy "Will to Power'2017"

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