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March 22nd, 2019
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Musicians activity

Timo Tolkki

Birthday is: 03.03.1966

Stratovarius "Demo'1987"
Stratovarius "Future Shock / Witch-Hunt'1988"
Stratovarius "Fright Night'1989"
Stratovarius "Black Night / Night Screamer'1989"
Stratovarius "Lead Us into Light / Break the Ice'1992"
Stratovarius "Twilight Time (Stratovarius II)'1992"
Tolkki, Timo "Classical Variations And Themes'1994"
Stratovarius "Dreamspace'1994"
Antidote "Total'1994"
Stratovarius "Fourth Dimension'1995"
Hundred Years "Hundred Years'1995"
Stratovarius "Wings of Tomorrow'1995"
Stratovarius "Episode'1996"
Stratovarius "Will the Sunrise?'1996"
Stratovarius "Father Time'1996"
Gamma Ray "Accidents Will Happen'1996"
Stratovarius "Visions'1997"
Stratovarius "The Kiss of Judas'1997"
Stratovarius "Black Diamond'1997"
Stratovarius "Visions of Europe'1998"
Edguy "Vain Glory Opera'1998"
Stratovarius "S.O.S.'1998"
Stratovarius "Destiny'1998"
Stratovarius "Hunting High and Low'2000"
Stratovarius "Infinite'2000"
Stratovarius "It's a Mystery'2000"
Stratovarius "A Million Light Years Away'2000"
Stratovarius "Intermission'2001"
Avantasia "The Metal Opera'2001"
Thunderstone "Thunderstone'2002"
Tolkki, Timo "Hymn to Life'2002"
Avantasia "The Metal Opera pt. 2'2002"
Stratovarius "Eagle Heart'2002"
Stratovarius "Elements part 1'2003"
Stratovarius "I Walk to My Own Song'2003"
Stratovarius "Elements part 2'2003"
Stratovarius "Maniac Dance'2005"
Stratovarius "Stratovarius'2005"
Stratovarius "Revolution Renaissance'2008"
Revolution Renaissance "New Era'2008"
Tolkki, Timo "Saana - Warrior of Light part 1: Journey to Crystal Island'2008"
Revolution Renaissance "demo'2008"
Revolution Renaissance "Age of Aquarius'2009"
Revolution Renaissance "EP'2010"
Revolution Renaissance "Trinity'2010"
Infinity "Existence'2010"
Symfonia "In Paradisum'2011"
Stratovarius "Unbreakable'2013"
Avalon (Finland) "The Land of New Hope'2013"
Ring of Fire "Battle of Leningrad'2014"
Avalon (Finland) "Angels of the Apocalypse'2014"
Allen, Russel - Lande, Jorn "The Great Divide'2014"
Chaos Magic "Chaos Magic'2015"

Revolution Renaissance| Tolkki, Timo| Symfonia| Avalon (Finland)| Allen, Russel - Lande, Jorn| Chaos Magic
used to play in: Stratovarius

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