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March 25th, 2019
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Musicians activity

Tobias Sammet

Birthday is: 21.11.1977

Edguy "Evil Minded'1994"
Edguy "Children of Steel'1994"
Edguy "The Savage Poetry'1995"
Edguy "Kingdom of Madness'1997"
Edguy "Vain Glory Opera'1998"
Squealer "The Prophecy'1999"
Edguy "Theater of Salvation'1999"
Gamma Ray "Freedom Calls for Gamma Ray'1999"
Edguy "The Savage Poetry (2000)'2000"
Avantasia "Avantasia'2000"
Avantasia "The Metal Opera'2001"
Edguy "Mandrake'2001"
Rhapsody "Rain of a Thousand Flames'2001"
Freedom Call "Eternity'2002"
Avantasia "The Metal Opera pt. 2'2002"
Shaman "Ritual'2002"
Edguy "Burning Down the Opera'2003"
Aina "Days of Rising Doom / The Story of Aina'2003"
Final Chapter "The Wizard Queen'2004"
Edguy "King of Fools'2004"
Shaman "RituaLive'2004"
Edguy "Hellfire Club'2004"
Shaman "RituaLive (DVD)'2004"
Edguy "Lavatory Love Machine'2004"
Rock, Rob "Holy Hell'2005"
Edguy "Superheroes'2005"
Edguy "Rocket Ride'2006"
Desperados "The Legend And the Truth'2006"
Redkey "Rage of Fire'2006"
Various Artists "Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light'2007"
Avantasia "Lost in Space pt.1/pt.2'2007"
Avantasia "The Scarecrow'2008"
Revolution Renaissance "New Era'2008"
Edguy "Tinnitus Sanctus'2008"
Avantasia "The Wicked Symphony / Angel of Babylon'2010"
Revolution Renaissance "EP'2010"
Edguy "Age of the Joker'2011"
Various Artists "Help! For Japan'2012"
Avantasia "The Mystery of Time'2013"
Edguy "Space Police - Defenders of the Crown'2014"
Avantasia "Ghostlights'2016"
Hansen, Kai "Hansen & Friends - XXX - Three Decades in Metal'2016"
Ayreon "The Source'2017"

Edguy| Avantasia

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