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April 20th, 2019
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In Virtue - Delusions of Grandeur Review

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Artist: In Virtue

Album: Delusions of Grandeur

Released: 2009

A mixture of styles and genres: Power Heavy Metal


How many bands with the female lead vocals are there against the background of the music tentatively conforming to Power Metal? There are enough. But every new band, if it is not called something like Nightwishica, is prospectively something new, something you need to listen to and evaluate.
In Virtue deny many musical and circum-musical templates with every possible effort and (unconscious) hints at once.
  1. In Virtue is a name for a Progressive Metal band, but there is nothing Progressive in the music apart from some raw guitar solos and sound defects, which could be turned into strong points of the Progressive ideas that are difficult to undestand.
  2. You can hear not only clear female vocals, but also male growl, which is typical for various Doom/Gothic bands, but again, there isn't a single hint of Gothic, and of Doom all the more so.
  3. The band is from California, which proves that not everything, which is Bay Area, is necesserily Thrash.
Lets turn to the music itself. It is Power/Heavy of a yet unformed trend, and this demo demonstrates us various alternatives of the band sound under the different conditions of making songs and using diverse sub-genres; you can even hear some pop-Dance (who is it meant for?).
Female vocals is the most professional aspect of this work. We hear strong voice that never goes off pitch. You will never fail with such voice, no matter which band you sing for. The music consists of quite many instrumental parts, which are primarily oriented on the solo guitar; you will be able to clearly discern the solo guitar with two guitarists being there. The rest of the instruments make up a rhythm bulk except for the voice and some keyboards. The music itself is rather raw, but it does not prevent from finding quite ingenious moments in it, which may become the band's trademark in future. There are really many interesting moments, captivating riffs and simply original music idioms. If the demo is properly arranged for the final version of a full-length album, the album may be quite good, yea, fine!
It is hard to evaluate the music having just a demo with the different-style songs to choose from, which may prove to be better or worse, as far as the music style is concerned. So, answers to the most of the yet unanswered quesions will be given on the debut album, which is promised to be released soon.

Vocals:9.00 of 10
Instruments:6.00 of 10
Skill:6.00 of 10
Originality:7.00 of 10
TOTAL:7 of 10

Reviewed by: Denis /21.03.2010/

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