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April 23rd, 2019
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Mistheria - Keys of Eternity Review

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Artist: Mistheria

Album: Keys of Eternity

Released: 2011

A mixture of styles and genres: instrumental


Who is better, Mistheria or Chopin? Don't even try to get answer, or, may be, let's compare Beethoven and Mozart, whose music is more sad, and whose life is more severe?
I've recalled Chopin's name not accidentally: one of the tracks of the album are Chopin's hands, and the whole album is in line with pianists and 19th century romantic composers' style, beginning with Beethoven! If you ignore some sampling of certain pieces, without knowing the author the composition can be easily prescribed to romantic music period, close to German masters.
Mistheria personally, not the music, possesses another characteristic trait: unlike other Italian musicians (speaking of Rock/Metal projects only) he doesn't try to be Vivaldi with harpsichord arpeggio or Paganini with arpeggio on any instrument, for the only purpose of bursting strings. Hold on, do pianoforte strings burst during the performance? Then we will play pianofortissimo, we are not able to do it without bursting strings! Ok, let's leave other musicians, Mistheria really distinguishes among them.
So, first of all, Mistheria is a composer, and not a pianist playing compositions of the others. Are there many contemporary pianists who are making efforts to compose? What for? It's much easier to play the music of others... His work, as mentioned before, is close to romanticism, where the man's inner world, individualism and complexity, thoughts and sufferings, losses and love moments came to the first place. The music should be passionate and emotional, i.e. technical, but not by a speed of sorting keys with fingers - rather, by composition complexity, non-standard perception of harmony.
I hope you understand, that all the words written are directly related to this work, that is emotional, self-absorbed and Mistherious. And it's not Chopin, it's Mistheria!

Instruments:10.00 of 10
Skill:10.00 of 10
Originality:10.00 of 10
TOTAL:10 of 10

Reviewed by: Denis /16.01.2012/

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