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April 23rd, 2019
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Six Magics - Dead Kings of the Unholy Valley Review

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Artist: Six Magics

Album: Dead Kings of the Unholy Valley

Released: 2002

A mixture of styles and genres: Melodic Speed Power Metal


This Chilean band has every reason to be among the best representatives of modern Power metal.

Their disc begins with a refined intro inspired by classical music. Then intro turns into uncompromising metal attack under the name of "Storm". You can find here all the attributes of good modern Power metal: majestic chorus, catchy refrain and even female vocals. There are also some not bad guitar solos. If you like Edguy, Rhapsody and Nightwish this is your band.

The next (third) song is also a speedy one, it begins with guitar riffs, guitar solos and vigorous voice continue this song. The fourth track demonstrates us a bit more complicated rhythm in the beginning, then rhythm changes and becomes faster, guitar and keyboard solos appear, general feeling is cheerful. The fifth song continues Edguy-like but a bit more keyboard oriented musical style. The beginning of the next song ("Agony of a hero") makes me think of something from classical music, then solemn and at the same time fast track sounds and resembles Rhapsody to a certain extent, the end of this track is a beautiful guitar acoustic one. "Metal century" contains a lot of good guitars and keyboards and it's again a very cheerful and vigorous track. The eighth song simply is a Manowarish intro, that is to say some words solemnly spoken by narrator. "Eternal warrior" is a very expressive song with some elements of classical music that brings us joy of contact with true Power metal. "Prince of Pure Light" a semi-ballad and semi-hymn with an excellent and deeply touching guitar solos at the end. The last song continues the previous one, that's why it begins with a simply perfect guitar solos, then guitar and keyboards sound at the same time or alternate, the second part of this epic song is full of good melodies, acoustic guitar and piano solos and rhythm changes. It seems to me that the last song and the previous one are the best and most dramatic ones. This musical direction may be successfully developed by the band in the future.

Vocals:6.00 of 10
Instruments:9.00 of 10
Skill:9.00 of 10
Originality:6.00 of 10
TOTAL:7.5 of 10

Reviewed by: Vera Drozdova /01.02.2004/

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