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April 19th, 2019
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Helloween - Rabbit Don't Come Easy

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Artist: Helloween

Album: Rabbit Don't Come Easy (promo)

Released: 2003

A mixture of styles and genres: Metal


...Rabbit is an intelligent, social animal who needs affection, and it can become wonderful companion animal if given a chance to interact with its human families... and you know what? Rabbit Don't Come Easy!!!

I must warn you that from my point of view this album is not a Keeper Of The Seven Keys III, or Walls Of Jericho II. No, the band is definitely moving forward. And it's good. I remember words of one of my favorite musicians Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue (don't kick me please), who said once: "When you look sometimes back - it's nice, but if that's all what you do - you will never move forward". So, that's the way it is.

Here we go:

Just A Little Sign (Andi Deris) (5/5)

Nice keyboards intro. Fast tempo. Melodic song. I got the chorus spinning in my head since the first time I heard this song. Nice tunes in the middle of the song and great guitar solo (reminds me of something from Master Of The Rings). The song is powerful and happy. Happy happy Helloween.

2. Open Your Life (Sascha Gerstner) (5/5)

Wow! Sascha is a great songwriter! This is a very nice and melodic midtempo song with fast tempo chorus. Great guitars and keyboards.

3. The Tune (Michael Weikath) (5/5)

A fast tempo melodic song, it is pretty simple and complex at the same time, the melody reminds me of something from Walls Of Jericho (How Many Tears???) and Keepers but with modern Deris-touch. :) A great fucking outstanding Weiki's guitar solo! Well, a Helloween Hymn (from Weiki), in two words, ha!

4. Never Be A Star (Andi Deris) (5/5)

Nice intro, reminds of some national Irish or Scottish tune. A midtempo song, Andi Deris at his best! This song got me singing "we are who we are but we'll never be a star" all the time since I heard it. Musically this song is not very complex, but it's melodic... One more Helloween Hymn, but it is from Andi. Check out Andi's interview to find out about meaning of this song.

5. Liar (Markus Grosskopf) (5/5)

Yeah!! Markus' song on the album!!! A heavy double lead guitar intro. Here we have some Thrashy tunes, the rhythm of verses reminds of something from Annihilator maybe... The chorus is dark and powerful as hell. And if I'm not mistaken, we have a classic Helloween-ish way of guitar solo here, first Weiki and Sascha play one after another, and then they play together. Well, Melodic Power Metal meets Thrash and Speed Metal at its best in this song. (Eh, maybe someone of you heard Squealer's "Made For Eternity" album, that's maybe what this song is close to :)

6. Sun For The World (Sascha Gerstner) (5/5)

A nice oriental intro... It's strange but the song really reminds me "The King Of The Seven Eyes" from Andi's first solo album. It's not the clone, but it has some touches. All in all midtempo and fast tempo song. It's not a Happy Helloween, it has some dark touches so it sounds a bit sad and fatal.

7. Don't Stop Being Crazy (Andi Deris) (5/5)

Great Heavy Metal ballad. It's not that slow for a ballad, but it's definitely a ballad. We have here even piano sounds. Very very nice. Remember Gary Moore's solo in "Parisienne Walkways"? When he gets one note and pulls it for a long time. Weiki's got here some kind of this trick (lick?). The main guitar tune reminds me something of guitar intro of Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford's duet in "Close Your Eyes Forever", so it smells to me a bit of 80's, but I love this smell. Please read Andi's latest interview on to understand the meaning of this song. This song really touched my soul.

8. Do You Feel Good (Michael Weikath) (5/5)

Haha! Yeah!! Weiki kicks major ass!!! Nice keyboard intro, it has some feelings of magic space flight. :) Again, we have an outstanding guitar work. Andi's way of singing "I wish I knew where you are now" touches my soul... Great song, very Helloween. :)

9. Back Against The Wall (Andi Deris) (4/5)

A dark and heavy mid tepmo song. Please read Andi's latest interview on to understand the meaning of this song. I gave 4 of 5 because this song doesn't fit good to the mood of this album.

10. Listen To The Fly (Sascha Gerstner) (5/5)

Sascha has proved again that he can write very nice and interesting songs. I think his songwriting fits very well. All I have to say about this song - Helloween at its best!

As a resume, here's what I have to say. The first thing that I noticed is that this album has a brilliant sound! You have to listen to the album in good quality headphones. It's the best "intelligent" sound work Helloween ever made. The songs are not the same from the view of the tempo. The tempo changes at least 2 or 3 times during each song. Andi sings very good, Andi rules! You can hear Markus' bass guitar almost everywhere (that's one of the reasons I love Helloween so much). A very good work of keyboard player, Jorn you kick ass, man! And, Maestro Michael Weikath, a perfect guitar work! Sascha kicks ass too, it's very good to see this new guy fits the band so well. The album has definitely at least 3 true classical Power Metal hits. The band is a team of true professionals who really know what they want and how to play it.

Please note, these are only my thoughts and feelings about this 10 track promo material, everyone is free to have their own thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for your attention.

Vocals:10.00 of 10
Instruments:10.00 of 10
Skill:10.00 of 10
Originality:10.00 of 10
TOTAL:10 of 10

Reviewed by: Artyom 'Sava' /01.03.2003/

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