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April 19th, 2019
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Vampyr - Cry Out for Metal Review

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Artist: Vampyr

Album: Cry Out for Metal

Released: 1986

A mixture of styles and genres: Speed Heavy Metal


Vampyr - what do you know about this band? I am absolutely sure that if you did not personally witness its progress and decline in the 80s, you would think of other bands with similar name in your attempts to recall it.
What do these guys represent? The bands with more progressive ideas than just the traditional Heavy started to push way along with German Melodic (Hard&)Heavy bands in the early and middle 80s, and the music speed and new guitar sound gave an impulse to development of Speed and Power Metal bands. Vampyr belongs namely to those modern-oriented bands, which started developing new styles, but remembered traditions of the founding fathers of Heavy.
What can I say about their music? The only problem is that I heard their whole album as late as 2009. I heard plenty of the albums featuring such music over 20 years, which have passed since the release of "Cry Out for Metal"; hence, I shall not speak of novelties and discoveries of any traits in their music. The musicians affirm that they were the first with spikes instead of rivets, so, you've got the pioneers, although not in music, but in the use of accessories! Ok, a few words about the music: the guys play rather fast Heavy, actually, rather Speed than Heavy; the guitar parts are very interesting and skillfully-played. The voice is not established yet, but to get up to all notes is not vitally important for such music. The most important thing is to have special intonations and to scream in a manner resembling Halford's as much as possible. If we look for any basis in this band's music, we will trace the elements of Judas Priest and Accept, and also similarities to then-born long-livers, Grave Digger and Avenger/Rage.
So, this band is undoubtedly of huge interest not only to Speed Metal fans, but also to all fans of music of the 80s, because it is exciting to listen to the original music of those times, the music, which is not spoiled by the modern sound, so much to hear the band, which has suddenly made a gift by re-releasing its sole album with the same unique sound. The re-released album contains rare videos of the band - it is a treasure for those, who collect videos.

Vocals:6.00 of 10
Instruments:9.00 of 10
Skill:8.00 of 10
Originality:7.00 of 10
TOTAL:7.5 of 10

Reviewed by: Denis /25.02.2009/

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