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April 23rd, 2019
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Rising Kingdom - Curse of Mind Review

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Artist: Rising Kingdom

Album: Curse of Mind

Released: 2008

A mixture of styles and genres: Melodic Speed Power Metal


This demo record of the Italian band Rising Kingdom, playing Melodic Speed&Power, which has been enjoying popularity at least 10 years in this country, consists just of three tracks, and sometimes it is not enough for a comprehensive evaluation of the band...
Well, two first tracks are a typical Italian Melodic Speed&Power. The vocal parts on these first songs are very typical - special screaming voice, which seems to sound deliberately false - 80% of all Italian bands playing this kind of music sing like that, and I can tell an Italian band from other European bands after the very first phrases. The band consists of 6 persons, which is a classic number of musicians needed to play such music. But actually the whole music in these first tracks consists of the various keyboard parts with a guitar for rhythm, so, there is a question: why two guitarists are needed, while the whole music is based on the keyboards and voice?
But finally we reach the third and the last track. The first two were worth listening to for its sake only! Curse of Mind includes an intro, which contrasts with this track; this keyboard play in the intro is good for the first two tracks, because then the true guitar-based Melodic Power in German style starts revealing the real talent of this band for me: all instruments sound in harmony, the guitars come to the fore finally, the sound becomes thicker, there are many guitar solos and various good guitar riffs, and plenty of the keyboard parts in the background, which instantly makes the music sound better, the guitar and vocal combination has brought a variety of tunes and simply exciting musical moments, even the voices have changes somehow, sometimes I even hear screams a la S.L. Coe (ex-Scanner, ex-Angel Dust, ex-Reactor, etc.), and he is one of my favorite singers!
Well, I don't know what this band is going to do in future, but I hope that tracks like Curse of Mind will prevail, and if so, I hope the band will manage to go beyond the standard frames of the Italian Power Metal, and there will be only one remove from a worldwide fame.

Vocals:8.00 of 10
Instruments:9.00 of 10
Skill:9.00 of 10
Originality:7.00 of 10
TOTAL:8.25 of 10

Reviewed by: Denis /21.05.2008/

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