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April 19th, 2019
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Kreator - Hordes of Chaos Review

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Artist: Kreator

Album: Hordes of Chaos

Released: 2009

A mixture of styles and genres: Thrash Power Metal


When Violent Revolution was released in 2001, we exclaimed: "Hey, Kreator returned back to the roots!" and a marvelous return in was. But, in my opinion, it is namely with the Enemy of God album the band showed, that its creative potential reached its climax. The album contained everything, what mature Thrash Metal music should contain. That is why listening to Hordes of Chaos I was slightly disappointed. Listening to it I could not get rid of an impression that I was listening to Enemy of God part II, at least, as far as production and sound is concerned. The tunes sound a bit similar, too, and it is obvious that that album has not brought anything new into the band's music. But OK, let's forget about Enemy of God and imagine that it never really existed, and then you will understand that Hordes of Chaos KICKS MAJOR ASS!!! May be the album is not revolutionary, but it is apparent, that band has not lost inspiration! The same brutality and frenzy, which filled every previous album of the band, catches your breath from the very first chord and makes your heart beat faster. Complicated songs consisting of various music themes, mid tempo suddenly erupting into a speedy one, simultaneous voice and solo parts, ferocious drum cascades, melodic bridges, all this "splendor" being "adorned" with Mille's fine shrieking voice - everything is perfect. And the theme of a darker side of life, which Kreator's lyrics usually dwell on and, actually, has become their trademark, matches well with raw aggression. The album is absolutely flawless from the technical and musical point of view. And as to originality, well, one repetitive album is OK with me. But I will expect surprises from Mille & Co, when their next album is released.

Vocals:10.00 of 10
Instruments:10.00 of 10
Skill:10.00 of 10
Originality:7.00 of 10
TOTAL:9.25 of 10

Reviewed by: Juliette /15.02.2009/

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