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April 23rd, 2019
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Savatage - Silk And Steel Review

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Artist: Savatage

Album: Silk And Steel

Released: 1998

A mixture of styles and genres: Metal


I'm going to make a short (maybe not) review of Savatage's unofficial record of live show called "Silk And Steel" that was performed in Port Jefferson, Long Island, USA, in 1998. (And I guess it was also broadcasted on some radio station...). This show is recorded on 2 CDs.

CD 1:
01. 'The Ocean' - the intro from "The Wake Of Magellan" album;
02. 'Welcome' - close to original version from "TWOM" album;
03. 'Jesus Saves' - great and interesting version with Zak on vocals;
04. 'Chance' - keys, soft lead guitar, drums, bass, very interesting version, ofcourse with Savatage's trademark multiple vocals;
05. 'The Chair / Blackjack Guillotine' - Jon does vocals on 'The Chair' (from Dr. Butcher album), on 'BG' Zak sings I guess, cool!
06. 'Handful Of Rain' - put away distorted guitars from original version and you've got another interesting acoustic version, with different piano intro and outro;
07. 'NYC Don't Mean Nothing' - Jon sings while playing piano intro, and then, if I'm not mistaken, Jon does duet with Zak!
08. 'Stare Into The Sun' - close to the album version;
09. 'Silk And Steel / Band Intro' - nice 'Silk And Steel' version, close to original version;
10. 'Not What You See' - great keys-guitar-drums version with Zak singing duet with Jon;
11. 'Sleep' - charming and amazing version with keys and acoustic guitars leading (Criss, we all miss you!), the crowd sings along with Zak;
12. 'Morning Sun' - close to original version, but without distorted rhythm guitar, and in the end of the song Jon sings some queer lines about morning wood or something like this :)

CD 2:
01. 'Medley' - Jon does keys & vocals medley of 'Mentally Yours', 'In The Dream', 'Heal My Soul', 'If I Go Away' (crowd singing with Jon), 'St.Patricks';
02. 'Believe' - Savatage classics, no comments;
03. 'The Wake Of Magellan' - close to original version with acoustic feelings (ofcourse with multiple vocals);
04. Break - you can hear the voice of the crowd, and some distorted guitar, and Savatage members joking and fooling around, fun!
05. 'The Storm' - close to original version, keys, electric guitar solo, drums, bass (after the song you can hear the band fooling around again);
06. 'Tonight He Grins Again' - very emotional and impressive, Savatage classics!
07. 'Nothing Going On' - close to original version, agressive, distorted rhythm guitars and all, almost like on "Handful Of Rain" album;
08. Break - again some crowd sounds, whistles, screaming (Mountain King, Mountain King!!!) and yelling;
09. 'Dead Winter Dead' - again, close to the album version, rhythm and solo guitars and all, with Jon on backing vocals, very emotional. Great!

Well, in conclusion, it's a very very good, great, charming and interesting show (and fun too!). Savatage members are great, great as the persons and as musicians. The crowd was good too (except for some people who, in my opinion, visited this show just to speak with each other during the songs).

Very special thanks go out to Steen Jepsen from Denmark - thank you Steen for helping me in getting this Live Record!

Vocals:10.00 of 10
Instruments:10.00 of 10
Skill:10.00 of 10
Originality:10.00 of 10
TOTAL:10 of 10

Reviewed by: Artyom 'Sava' /01.02.2001/

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